Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by RandomShadfan...)

You spit the cum into a cup since there’s too much to swallow and look around. Alex is still rock-hard, and a glance at Rachel tells you she’s frigging herself with almost superhuman speed. Yet she still hasn’t gotten what she wanted yet.

“Alex, lie down on the bed. You won’t be able to sit for a week after tonight,” you tell him.

At your words, his eyes light up and he smiles widely. A bit shakily, he clambers onto the bed and lies down. He reaches downwards and spreads his asscheeks with both hands. You follow him onto the bed and (after using your precum to lube your cock) position your dick at his rear entrance.

You start to tease him, prodding and sliding your cock head over his asshole. He whimpers slightly, “Please… Just fuck me. I need it.”

Some part of you likes hearing his pleas, so you tell him, “Beg for it. Tell me how much you need it.”

He replies desperately “Please, Ross. I need you to fuck me. I crave it. Every second you stall agonises me. Please fuck me, Master Ross.”

The word “Master” seals it for you. Without pausing another second, you push your hips forwards and your big cock penetrates Alex’s asshole. His sudden gasp and sigh of pleasure is like music. He shuts his eyes as he lets the pleasure shoot though his body. His anus feels as if it’s never been penetrated before, and the sensation is amazing.

Overcome with need, you thrust hard and shove every inch of your cock into Alex. The shock forces his eyes open again. You start to drill him hard and deep. He grips the bed hard as you thrust into him faster, biting his lip to stop himself crying out. Even if he did, you doubt you’d hear it over the slap of your hips against his ass.

A whisper from Rachel reaches your ears. “Oh fuck, this looks so fucking hot. So much better than porn.” You wonder, for a moment, what kind of things she’s been doing on her laptop account, but you’re distracted.

Alex starts panting heavily and you know he’s reaching his climax. If he cums, he’ll shoot upwards and get it all over you.