Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by RandomShadfan...)

Without thinking, you lean forwards and kiss Alex on the lips, your cock all the way inside his tight asshole. He responds in kind, opening his mouth and letting your tongue slip inside. Your tongues meet and swirl around each other.

Rachel’s gasp of shock is audible and Alex moans loudly as he cums. Rather than the cum shooting upwards, your body has pushed Alex’s cock towards him, so he shoots it all over his torso.

You break the kiss and Rachel says, “That… was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Alex concurs. “So, do you wanna tag team your girlfriend there?”

You smile and answer, “No.” Alex is shocked. “You got to cum inside my body. Now it’s my turn,” you tell him.

You hear Rachel in the corner exclaim, “Oh, fuck yes.”

Without waiting another second, you thrust back into Alex’s tight anus. He bites his lip again and his ass seems to contract around your cock, making it tighter. This, combined with his and Rachel’s moans, soon send you over the edge. You drill into him and let loose, shooting three spurts of cum up his asshole.

With a smile you pull out, and the cum immediately leaks onto the bed. With all the cum on and inside him, Alex looks as if he’s just starred in a gangbang porn video. He’s smiling like a mind-fucked bimbo, however.

“Can I confess something?” he asks the two of you.

“Sure,” you both answer.

He smiles. “This was my first time with a guy, and it was so much hotter than any girls I’ve been with. I never thought being ass-fucked so roughly would be so amazing. Ross, please tell me this won’t be the last time.”

Rachel answers before you do. “I would absolutely love to see you two fuck more often.”

You look at Alex and simply smile. As weird as it is to admit, you really enjoyed fucking another guy. You know this won’t be the last time you fuck Alex, and you honestly can’t wait for the next time you do.

The End