Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by 7...)

As all of this runs through your mind, you realize you’ve taken too long and the decision has been made for you. You watch the guy dancing behind your girlfriend pulls out a long hard cock, lift up her dress a bit, and start fucking her right there the dance floor.

The two guys to the side pull out their cocks as well, and Rachel starts jerking them off. The guy in front of your girlfriend kisses her, and to your shock, she kisses him back. You watch her thrusting back against the guy fucking her, clearly going out of her mind with pleasure.

Suddenly, the guy behind her speeds up, then stops, balls deep in your girlfriend, and you realize he just came inside her pussy! He backs up, and you see him zip up his pants, and walk off of the dance floor. One of the other guys quickly takes his place, though this guy is much less subtle about fucking Rachel, bending her forward as he fucks her.

The guy in front of her pulls out his cock, and Rachel begins eagerly sucking on it while being pounded from behind. At this point, several other guys close by on the floor notice what’s going on, and seem to be queuing up to fuck your girlfriend as the second stranger of the night cums inside her fertile and unprotected pussy. Again you wonder how far you should let this go.