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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by RandomShadfan...)

A mean thought crosses your mind. You slam into Alex and stay there, but take hold of his cock and slowly stroke him. “I didn’t say you could cum yet,” you tell him.

He whimpers in response as you stroke him at a snail’s pace compared to the fast fucking you just gave him. You tease him slightly, pulling out an inch only to gently slip back in. He cries out desperately, “Please let me cum, Ross. Please let me cum. I’ll do anything.”

You simply ignore him and feel his cock start to swell. You let go instantly, ruining his orgasm. He cries out again, “Ahh! Please, Master! I can’t stand being teased like this! Please just let me cum!”

You look over at Rachel and find that she’s slowly frigging herself. You then tell Alex, “If I let you cum, will you be a slave to me and my pretty lady?”

“Yes, Master!” he answers. You’re still jacking him off tantalisingly and it’s obvious he’s desperate to cum.

You smile cruelly and ask, “If either of us asks you for anything sexual, at any time, you will do it?”


Rachel steps in, and you can tell she’s excited by the idea of being Alex’s Mistress. “If I want you to lick my asshole until I cum, you will do it?”


“And if you step out of line, you will accept any punishment we feel is fitting?” you chime in.


You smile again. “Good boy.” You begin jacking him off at a faster pace, starting to thrust into him again. It takes under a minute before he cums, but you point his cock at him so he cums over his own body. You pull out of his shaking body and get off the bed.

Rachel gets up, immediately kissing you. “That was so hot, babe. I never thought you could deny someone their orgasm like that.”

Alex moans lightly. You glance at him and smile at your girlfriend. “So, we have our own little fuck-slave now. Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday and everything else, babe.”

“Yay!” she exclaims. “Can I test our slave out now?”

Alex looks thoroughly exhausted — it might be an idea to let him recover for an hour or so first. But at the same time, he agreed to do whatever you two asked of him, whenever you asked.