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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by maverick...)

“Let me put that wet dick into my wet cunt,” says Rachel. She slides your wet dick up into her wet cunt as far as it will go. “I love feeling it up to my belly button, do you like the feel of my wet cunt?” she asks.

Your girlfriend then begins to move up and down on your hard dick and moans, “It feels so good — almost like a big snake!” She leans over and you begin licking your piss off her wet nipples and gently sucking on one then the other. She responds by letting loose a massive golden shower all over your belly and crotch.

Her open mouth mashes into yours as you both enjoy the taste of your urine on her lips. Rachel whispers, “I wish you really were a big snake!”

Slowly your body begins changing. Now you are a giant serpent and your tail is thrusting into her wet opening further than your dick could possibly reach. Rachel begins to move her body with yours and your forked tongue wraps around hers. She puts her hands behind your scaly head, moving it down to her breasts and says, “Ross, these nipples belong to you.”

Your tongue flicks rapidly over her stiff nipples and your tail pumps in and out of Rachel’s pussy faster and faster as she screams, “I’m coming!” You coil yourself around her and gently contract, wondering to yourself how snakes cum, and, incidentally, how the fuck did you become a snake in the first place?