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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by StrawHat...)

Even though you are hesitant at first, you decide to play her boss’ game. You dig through Rachel’s drawers to look for something she can wear. You see something that could possibly earn you that handjob.

You choose a bright red dress that goes halfway up her arms, and only half-covers her boobs. It wraps tightly around her ass and reveals a bit of both cheeks.

“Here, wear this tomorrow,” you say as you hand her the dress. She looks shocked by your choice.

“You sure you want me to wear this? You know what’ll happen if I do, right?” she asks.

“It doesn’t seem like I can change your mind, so I figure I might as well go along with it,” you reply. You don’t understand why you said that or decided to do as her boss said, but something about this is turning you on.