Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

“Hey man! You looking for the owner of those?” asks the bouncer from the door, leaning towards you.

“Yeah,” you reply, not knowing what to say to the guy who openly felt up your girlfriend’s tits, ass and thighs.

“She went down there,” he says smugly, pointing to a corridor labeled “Bathrooms.”


“She’s pretty fuckin’ hot man. Her tits were mighty fine, bro!” he continues, cutting you off. “Almost busted a nut when she just stood there and smiled the whole time like she wanted me to bend her over and do that juicy ass right there!” He laughs, shaking his head as he walks away.

Seeing her get felt up by two guys on the dance floor, and then having the bouncer openly tell you how he thought she wanted him to fuck her while he groped her body in the line-up, has got your dick so hard that you can’t wait to grab Rachel and take her home for the fucking of her life. With this in mind you hurry down the corridor, coming to a halt outside the women’s toilets. You stop a woman exiting the women’s room and ask if Rachel is inside. She stops and looks down at the shoes in your hand.

“That chick? Yeah she’s here, but nope, she ain’t in that bathroom,” the woman sniggers, walking off and leaving you confused about where Rachel is. The minutes tick by as you wonder, and several guys push past and enter the men’s room, but strangely none seem to come out. You’re jolted back to reality as the bouncer shoulders his way past you.

“Hey bro! Looks like I might be getting some ass after all!” he exclaims, exiting via a door you hadn’t noticed before at end of the corridor and into the alley behind the club.

Your mind whirls with the possibilities. Did that woman mean that your girlfriend is inside the men’s room? But there are so many guys in there — Rachel would have to be the center of a gang-bang by now! On the other hand, did the bouncer mean he was going to fuck her in some dirty back alley like a cheap slut? Surely not — Rachel fantasized about showing herself off, and getting groped in public is one thing, but Rachel would never do these things, would she? She doesn’t take the pill and your condoms are back home on the bedside table. Maybe Rachel has had her fun and is back in the club and you should go look for her there?