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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by LawyerMaster11...)

Confused and a bit frantic, you race back up the corridor in a tizzy to check the throng of dancers still grinding it out in the dance floor in homes that Rachel has reappeared. You barely make it to the edge of the crowd when two frat-type guys pass you.

“Bro, did you hear about the slut down in the bathroom?” one says to the other.

“Hell yeah, let’s go get in on that bro!” They high-five and take off past you. Your stomach starts to knot because you know those two guys were talking about Rachel. Your Rachel. You have to know.

You walk back down the bathroom corridor to sounds of cheering and hooting coming from the men’s room. You know exactly what is going on, but you are wholly unprepared for what you see when that door opens.

Hot on the heels of the frat guys, you enter the bathroom to see your Rachel on all fours in the middle of the bathroom floor, completely nude. There must be a crowd of thirty guys in this tiny bathroom, and none of them are here for a urinal. You make your way to the front of the crowd where you can see the devolution of your girlfriend. There is a man under her, fucking her pussy so fast and hard that he has raised his hips completely off the floor, stuffing her tight box with every inch of his veiny cock. His balls slam back to him with each thrust, making an audible “clack” that is heard even over the clamoring of the crowd and Rachel’s lustful moans. As you try to tear your eyes away from the sight of another man’s cock inside Rachel’s once-perfect pussy, you notice that the man kneeling in front of her is stirring.

“Uh…UH…UHHHHHHHHH!” He pulls his long cock from out of Rachel’s mouth and fires rope after rope of thick white cum all over her face and hair. The absence of cock in her mouth causes Rachel to scream out from the vicious and animalistic fucking she was receiving. You begin to walk toward Rachel, captivated by what you are seeing. But, before you make it a second step, you get elbowed in the chest, and knocked back a bit.

“Stand back bro, I’m gonna tame this wild slut!” You recognize that tone, and turn your head to see the bouncer walking toward Rachel. Six and a half feet of solid black muscle. You are frozen in place. The sound fades from the room except for the sounds of Rachel moaning and screaming in pleasure.

You notice the two frat guys have taken up residency by Rachel’s mouth and are taking turns shoving the entire lengths of their cocks down her throat one thrust at a time like she’s some kind of party game. Well, you guess she is some kind of party game right now. Your cock aches in your pants from being so erect, and it turns your attention back to the bouncer who has now disrobed. The crowd cheers as he takes his massive, foot-long cock in one hand and thumps it into the other like a cop beating a baton. “Should I show this bitch who’s in charge of her now?” he asks the crowd, taunting you. The cheers are instant.

You watch the bouncer get onto his knees behind Rachel and spit on the end of his gigantic, throbbing cock. Instantly, you realize he’s about to shove this huge tool up Rachel’s virgin ass! You are totally torn as to whether to try and stop this or just succumb to it and pull your own dick out and beat it.