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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by StrawHat...)

It is seven am when you wake up. Rachel is already up and you go see what she’s up to. She’s video chatting on her phone with John. The only problem is, she is completely naked.

She is sitting on the couch with her legs spread, one hand squeezing her tits and the other playing with her clit. She’s moaning loudly and you can hear what she and John are saying.

“Whose cock do you want, Rachel?” he says.

“Yours!” she says as she continues her moans. John tells her to say it louder. “I want your cock! I want it so badly. I want it inside my mouth and my wet, tight and barely-used pussy!”

“And why do you want mine?” he asks. You move closer and can see that on her screen, it is John, but he is sitting down and all you can see is from the waist down. Unfortunately, he isn’’t wearing anything either. He is slowly jerking off to your girlfriend as she pleasures herself.

“Because yours is so big! So much bigger than Ross’s!” she says. You can’t help but feel offended.

Even though you know you should be pissed by this whole situation, you can’t help but drop your pants, take out your dick and begin to jack it off.

“Remember, you are only allowed to suck and fuck me from now on. Ross’s cock is too small and useless to be inside you,” John reminds your girlfriend.

“Yes! I will serve only you from now on,” she says as she cums and squirts all over the carpet.

This sets you off as you release it yourself. You accidentally hit the table, making a noise loud enough for Rachel to hear. She quickly turns around and sees you before you can leave. She grabs your hand and pulls you towards where she was just playing with herself. You come into view of John, both of you are naked from the waist down.

“You were right! He was spying on me and jerking off. It seems like he didn’t take long to cum either,” she says giggling.

“Ross,” John begins to say. “It seems like you have accepted the fact that Rachel is under my control now. You catch on quick don’t you? How about this? You do something for me right now and I’ll reward you later.”

“Do what for you? What reward?” you ask suspiciously. What could he possibly want? He was already watching your girlfriend pleasure herself and he’ll get to pleasure her himself when she gets to work.