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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Solly...)

John cracks a cocky little smirk as he looks at the two of you through the screen, before leaning back a little so he can look down on you, letting you see the cocky smile on his face from just alongside his huge member.

“You’re going shopping for me,” he says, bluntly and to the point, giving you a moment of pause before he continues. “I want you to up the game a little, Ross, your girlfriend here needs some more slutty work-clothes for me to be fully satisfied. But, do this for me, and I might grant you occasional blowjob rights.”

His grin widens, especially when he sees the blood-boiling look across your face, but with a weary sigh of resignation, you resign yourself to his whims, an obedient, “Yes, sir” escaping your lips before you realize what you’ve done. John and your girlfriend both laugh at you for your almost over-eager submittal, before John continues speaking.

“Good, you learn quick, maybe you’ll earn yourself more than a casual handjob after all. Now, get to it, cuckie, I’ve got to see your girlfriend cum yet.”

It stings a little to be cast out so eagerly by your girlfriend’s boss like that, doubly so for him to insult you at the same time, but you reassure yourself you’re only doing this for Rachel, her kinks and career both.

When Rachel heads off to work that day, you head to the stores to see about some less-appropriate workwear for your girlfriend, visiting many a shop to see what is on offer. By the end of it, as peculiar as it probably was for the store clerks to see a man buying so many, you have a sizable collection of mini-skirts and low-cut blouses, some that would barely even cover your girlfriend’s breasts, let alone her cleavage. You feel the burn in your wallet, and an even worse sting on your pride, as you take your newfound loot to the car.

After loading the gear in the back, you take your seat behind the wheel, and before you can ignite the engine a call comes through to your phone. It’s from Rachel’s number. You answer it almost frantically, it’s unusual for Rachel to call you at work, but the image on-screen paints a completely different story.

Your girlfriend is lying on her back over the desk, her dress partially torn and a pair of cum-ridden panties stuffed into her maw, “whore” inscribed in her lipstick across her cheeks, with her stuffed mouth representing the O near perfectly. Garbled moans and whimpers escape her lips as she’s rocked back and forth on the desk, the camera trailing down towards her crotch, where you can see a cock at least large enough to be John’s slamming into her tight cunt. He’s not going easy on her either, pounding her more harshly than you ever would or could, her hips bucking a little with the power of every thrust. Five lipstick tally marks line the inside of her thigh, indicating it isn’t the first time she’s been made use of that day, but her screams of joy tell you she’s still loving it.

You take out your cock and start stroking it to your own private show of your girlfriend getting fucked, her ecstatic moans spurring you on further as you sink even further down the submissive rabbit hole, on the thread of less than a promise.

A chuckle from John makes it clear he hears your pants unzipping, even as he seems completely unphased by the exhaustion. “My god Ross, you really like this, don’t you? Watching your girlfriend get used by a bigger, better man? C’mon now, why don’t you blow your load all over yourself, you useless little bastard, Rachel’s never gonna need your cock again anyway. Isn’t that right, Rachel?”

He removes the panties from her lips, to a deep groan of, “Yes, boss,” as she continues to rise her hips up against him, her moans beginning to peak a little as he ramps up the pace even more. “Fuck me in front of my useless boyfriend, show him how a real man does it!”

Her moans become almost screams as he hammers her, before she finally peaks with a wail of pleasure, collapsing back onto the desk. John pulls his cock from her pussy, and mounts the desk to push his cock down her awaiting throat, and with a deep moan of satisfaction she begins to suck his cock with more vigor than she ever touched yours, until he finally reaches his limit, for the moment, drawing his cock sharply away from her to give you a show of him splattering your girlfriend’s face with a bountiful rain of semen, leaving her face covered in little white rivers.

That is the last thing you see before the call is cut, and you cum not a moment later than seeing your girlfriend get defiled at work like that.

You look down at the mess you made over your pants, and to the hundreds of dollars worth of sultry office-wear that lies on the backseat, realiing that this is your life now, and if you want to keep it you had best keep playing their little game. A game you cannot win.