Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

You quickly hurry down the corridor pausing at the exit, steeling yourself for whatever comes next. You know that the bouncer couldn’t have been talking about your Rachel, he must have meant some other slut, it’s not like it’s unheard of for bouncers to bang drunk chicks like that right? Holding your breath you push open the door as quietly as you can, and poke your head out. You can’t see anything out of the ordinary, just the expected dumpsters pilled with trash. Stepping out, you see shadows moving deeper down towards the end away from the street and you jump as your hear a raised angry voice.

“What the fuck are you two crackers doing?”

“None of your business dude. Beat it man!”

“Yeah, get lost dickhead!”

Suddenly you hear crashing sounds. The two guys from inside the club who were dancing with Rachel run past you, turn the corner and race off down the street. Not wanting to get involved, you make your way back towards the door. That’s when you hear a woman’s voice. Not just any woman’s voice. It’s your girlfriend. It’s Rachel.

“Oh my god! Why’d you do that? We were just having a little fun! They wanted a little private dance, that’s all,” exclaims a somewhat annoyed Rachel.

“I couldn’t stand by and let two crackers molest such a fine looking woman.”

“Oh, it’s you. You’d know all about that wouldn’t you?” replies Rachel with a smile creeping into her voice. “Did you enjoy the little ‘pat down’ you gave me at the door? It was very thorough.”

“Yeah I did,” grunts the bouncer. “I ain’t seen you around here before though. You new to the scene? All the girls gotta go through me if they wanna work this club.”

“What the fuck? I’m no hooker!” snaps your girlfriend, the smile starting to fade.

“Honey, you sho’ look and act like some fine high-class whore. Mmmm Mmm. I shoulda guessed though, that cracker you came in with don’t look like no pimp to me. He’s back inside holding your heels like a good little boy,” sniggers the bouncer.

“You mean Ross? He’s my boyfriend! But — you thought I looked like a high class whore? Really?”

You can’t believe it, but Rachel actually sounds flattered. You never thought you’d see the day when your girlfriend would take being confused for a prostitute, high class or other, as a compliment. Closing your eyes, you picture her in that see through dress. Not really high-class, but hooker? Definitely.

“Oh, now I get it. You play the cock-teasin’ slut and he gets worked up? Go on then, gimme a little dance girl. Then ya can tell him how ya danced with the door man who felt ya up!” laughs the bouncer, rubbing his hands together.

It goes quiet, and you can’t help but creep back and look around the dumpster. There she is, shimmying and swaying in the half-light of the alley, sliding her body up and down the bouncer. He reaches out, sliding his meaty paw inside Rachel’s dress, roughly fondling her tits. Rachel grinds her ass into his crotch in slow lazy circles. You watch your girlfriend grinning like a Cheshire cat looking over her shoulder at the thug who just called her a whore. Holy shit, she’s really getting off on this! So are you for that matter, you think as you reach down and feel the boner growing in your pants.

“Is this what you wanted?” asks Rachel. As if reading your mind, she reaches behind and squeezes the bouncers crotch. “Holy shit. You’re huge! And sooo thick — oh my god!”

In answer, the bouncer reaches up with his free hand, grabs your girlfriend’s hair, pulls her head back and kisses her neck, sucking and biting on it.

“Hey, stop that! You’ll leave a hickey!” shrieks Rachel in shock.

Ignoring her, the bouncer continues making a mess of your girlfriend’s neck. The longer it goes on, you watch Rachel relax more and more, finally back into the bouncer, her mouth opening in a moan. “This so wrong — everyone at work will see — they’ll think I’m some kinda of ohhhh — cheap — slut!”

“Yeah, they will. They’ll know you’re my whore,” chuckles the bouncer as he lets go of her hair, apparently satisfied with his work. The red circular welts are clearly visible even in the dim light of the alley. Your dick twitches as you think about what might happen on Monday when your girlfriend goes to work.

“I told you, I’m not a whore! Ross and I were just having a little fun, like you said,” whines Rachel rubbing her neck, but making no move to leave.

“You’re my whore now though, ain’t ya?” he asks, spinning Rachel around to face him. “Be a good little slut and admit it. Say no, and you gotta leave and never come back to this club!”

Rachel looks down at the bouncer’s crotch, her eyes fixed on the large bulge running down his leg. Will she say yes or no? Maybe you shouldn’t wait for her answer and rush in to save her?