Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by RandomShadfan...)

“Ross, I’m not sure you fully understand. I don’t want to just fuck another guy,” Rachel tells you. You know, you just know, that she’s being completely honest. “I love being your sub, but I want to unleash my inner domme, and I don’t think I could fully unleash her in bed with you.”

You’re quite shocked at her words. “Were you thinking of doing this to anyone in particular?”

“I have, but I need to know what you think of it beforehand,” Rachel responds “I want you to watch me dominate another guy. It’s not the soft stuff either — I mean name calling, cane whipping, ruined orgasms, rough pegging and all sorts of other stuff I’ve wanted to try out.”

You fully understand where your girlfriend is coming from. Of course she wants to try all that stuff with you; she’s just worried she’ll hurt you in some way. The thought of Rachel pegging some (un)lucky guy while calling him names, denying him orgasms and whipping him with a cane is kind of hot, if you’re being honest.

It’s obvious that Rachel needs this, and the only outlet she’s got is cheating with your permission. You’re starting to see how much this means to her. You turn to her and give her your answer.