Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

Your girlfriend isn’t anybody’s whore! You steel yourself to rush around the dumpster, not caring about what comes next. As you leap forwards into the open, you suddenly get knocked to the side, your head striking the dumpster. Just before the world blacks out, you see four figures pounding down the alley. It looks like the two guys from the club, you don’t recognize the other two, but they look like a couple of frat-type guys.

Slowly the world returns, spinning about you as you try to stand. Wiping your brow, your hand feels wet, and as you groggily look at the film of blood you remember what happened. Your girlfriend was back down the alley with that meathead bouncer from the door. He was calling her his whore, and had covered her beautiful neck with hickies! Then those guys with some other dudes came racing down the alley just as you were about to save Rachel — they must have bumped into you and you hit your head! “Oh god!” you think, “how long was I out for?”

Staggering down the alley, you look up. The bouncer is lying on the ground, clearly unconscious, his head resting in a pile of wet garbage, and two guys are struggling to pull something out of another dumpster. Arms grab you from either side as you stand there in confusion, and you’re hauled off your feet, thrown the ground and pinned there. Struggle as you might, you can’t break free as you feel plastic being wrapped about you, pinning your arms and legs together. Looking up you see one of the guys from the club who was dancing with Rachel.

“Nice work boys! That oughtta keep him under control, haha!” he sniggers, before leaning down and whispering, “Dude, she’s so fine! No way would I bring my girlfriend out dressed like that — but thanks man, we’re gunna have so much fun with her. You wait and see!” With that he stuffs a foul smelling rag in your mouth, stands and gives you a kick in the stomach. You roll over into the shadows groaning in pain.

When you open your eyes you see Rachel. There she is, silhouetted from the front by the street light, her body clearly visible through the sheer dress. You can plainly see the nipples of her breasts and the triangular patch of pubic hair above her gorgeous thighs through the now transparent dress. Rachel is surrounded by three guys, looking at her like hungry hyenas.

“Who’s that? He sorta looks like my boyfriend Ross,” Rachel asks, sounding a bit concerned.

“Nah, just some loser come to help that piece of shit,” says the guy who just kicked you, walking casually over to your girlfriend. “We got him sorted, don’t worry!”

“Are you sure? Ross must be looking for me by now — I better get back inside,” replies Rachel, attempting to push past the four guys.

“Hold on sweet cheeks! Don’t we get to finish that little dance with you? I mean, we just saved you from those two pricks,” the ringleader says, hooking his thumb over his shoulder.

“Well, we were having fun, weren’t we?” Rachel smiles, running her hands through her hair. You feel your dick start to swell as you watch your girlfriend start to sway her hips, slowly turning in circles, her arms stretched above her head accentuating her breasts. Good lord, she is so sexy you think, that ass is so juicy and her legs go all the way up. You just want to fuck her senseless.

“Oh girl you’re so fine, are you sure you ain’t a pro? These tits are perfect,” exclaims the ringleader, stepping forward and rubbing his hands over Rachel’s chest. “But we don’t got any money,” he continues suggestively.

“I don’t know… My boyfriend must be wondering where I’ve got to…” your girlfriend trails off.