Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

“But really? You think I’m a pro?” continues Rachel, her face lighting up in a smile. “Okay boys, this one’s free!”

“Excellent! Boys get that mattress over here. We can’t have our little whore getting her knees roughed up!” With that there is a flurry of activity as the three other guys haul the mattress out of the dumpster and drag it over towards you, dumping it just outside of the shadows.

“How considerate! Your ‘little whore’ appreciates the effort!” laughs Rachel as she slowly steps onto the mattress and kneels down. You have a perfect view of your girlfriend on her knees, hands by her sides and obediently waiting.

The ringleader steps up to her, reaches out and pulls her dress down. Rachel’s tits come bouncing into view, her nipples puckering like pencil erasers. Slowly she reaches up, unzips the guy’s pants and pulls out his cock. “Oh my god! You’re even bigger than the doorman!” your girlfriend moans.

You lie there unable to move or make a noise, watching your girlfriend, your Rachel, sink her lips down the huge cock of a guy she just met. On her knees on a filthy mattress in some dirty back alley behind a club like some cheap slut, while three other guys watch and wait their turn. Silently the guy steps back, pulling Rachel forward by her head, and kneels down, forcing your girlfriend onto all fours. A second guy steps up behind her and lifts her dress up, exposing her fleshy naked ass. He slaps it and reaches under her, rubbing her pussy.

You have a ringside seat as he slides a finger inside your girlfriend’s pussy and as he withdraws it you see it’s coated in her juices. He smiles and reinserts it, adding a second finger and pumping them both in and out. “You’re so wet you little slut, you want this so bad don’t ya?”

“Yesss,” Rachel moans softly before suddenly stiffening. Trying to speak, her voice comes out a gargled mess around the cock buried in her mouth.