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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

“Wh, wh, wait! Ony blw jbs…I m…n… ot birth…con…cont…rol!” gargles Rachel.

“That’s cool, we promise to cover up! Wouldn’t want you getting knocked up by four random dudes in a back alley now would we? What would your boyfriend think?” yells the ringleader, looking over Rachel’s body at you and winking, still pumping his cock in your girlfriends mouth.

With that, the second guy unzips, pulls out his cock and slaps your girlfriend’s ass with it before rubbing it around her soaking pussy and sliding the head just inside.

“Promise? Oh please — stick it in me — all the way — please-”

They don’t hesitate and start banging Rachel, building up a frenzied rhythm. Soon Rachel is bouncing between the cocks, each pushing her deeper and deeper onto the other, causing her to alternate between moaning and gagging. After a few minutes you notice that she is using her arms and legs to move her body back and forth between the guys spit-roasting her, and they stop moving, letting your girlfriend do all the work.

Your dick twitches again, pushing at the fabric of your pants as you watch, unable to take your eyes away as Rachel fucks herself to a mind numbing orgasm. This sets both guys off. The front man pulls out and shoots stream after stream over Rachel’s face. Unbelievably, Rachel lifts her head and opens her mouth trying to catch as much cum as she can even in the midst of post-orgasmic shudders.

The guy fucking her from behind grabs the flesh of her hips and pulls Rachel back, burying his cock deep inside her willing pussy. Rachel’s head drops, cum dripping from her face onto the mattress, and she arches her back, pushing herself even deeper as she explodes in a second orgasm. You watch the guy’s balls contract and pump load after creamy load deep into your girlfriend’s fertile pussy, cum leaking out around his cock and dribbling down her thighs as he eventually withdraws.

Rachel collapses onto the mattress, clearly spent. The two guys move back admiring their handiwork and make way for the other two, who pull your girlfriend back up onto her hands and knees.

“You came inside me,” Rachel mumbles. “You said you wouldn’t — I could get pregnant — but it felt sooo good — oh god, this is so — so wrong — I’m a total — total slut!”

Smiling, the guy in front pulls her head up by the hair, and Rachel opens her mouth willingly, letting him slide his cock into her mouth. He doesn’t move and so Rachel starts nodding her head, cheeks hollowing and expanding as she sucks, wet slurping sounds escaping her mouth. The other guy kneels down behind your girlfriend and slides into her, reaching forward and squeezing her tits, stretching them down by the nipples. Rachel shudders in orgasm yet again, as he returns his attention to her hips, grabbing handfuls of the soft flesh.

“Jesus! She’s milking my cock! Oh fuck honey, you want this so bad huh?” exclaims the guy pumping Rachel from behind.

“Yes, yes… I’m a whore. Fuck me like a whore… please… please do me harder… harder,” pants your girlfriend, withdrawing her mouth from the cock momentarily. “Please, please — I need it,” she finishes, before returning her mouth to the cock waiting in front of her.

The two guys high-five each other, and start pounding Rachel aggressively. You can hear their balls slapping on her ass and chin. Loud wet squelching sounds emanate from her soaked pussy as cum oozes out, running down the back of her thighs in rivulets. Saliva dribbles down Rachel’s chin as her head nods back and forth, her tongue occasionally extending to lick the shaft before it disappears back past her lips as she quietly moans “yessss” and “more — harder — please.”

Your dick is now painfully erect at the sight of your girlfriend fucking these guys like some wanton slut. You can’t believe that this has been in her all the time, and all it took to bring out this hidden inner slut was going to a club intending to flash a few lucky guys. How can this be?

You are awoken from your ponderings by the sounds of grunting. The two guys fucking Rachel are giving a repeat performance of the previous two. So is Rachel for that matter; she’s trying desperately to catch the cum in her mouth while still humping and rocking her hips into the guy taking her from behind, milking him dry. So much for “not on birth control” you muse, as your dick twitches yet again.

Eventually they finish, letting Rachel slump down on the mattress, but not before wiping their cocks off on her ass and hair with a little chuckle. After a few minutes they all help Rachel to her unsteady feet, pull her dress back into place over her well-used body, and guide her back towards the club’s rear exit.

“You better get back in there and find your boyfriend,” states the ringleader matter-of-factly. “He must be going out of his gourd wondering what you were up to!”

“Really? Do I look okay? You covered me in cum — I must be a mess.”

“Nah, you look fine — definitely fuckable in fact. Anyway he’s probably pretty drunk by now. If ya find him quick enough, maybe you could bring him out here? That’d give him a real thrill! You know fucking some cheap slut in a back alley of a club?” laughs the ringleader, pushing your girlfriend back through the door and into the club.

As the door closes, he walks over to you, and slowly undoes your bonds, standing you up. “We don’t want any trouble dude,” he says, indicating the three other guys with him. “That really is some fine ass you got there — so freaking hot! Thanks for bringing her here dude. I really mean that!” he says, trying hard not to laugh. “But seriously, we’re gunna let you go now. What you do next is up to you,” he says, stuffing a card in your pocket before turning on his heel and walking away down the alley. “But I’d get outta here before that bouncer wakes up!”

You don’t know what to do. You dick is so hard and you need to fuck something! Should you play along, go back into the club and find Rachel? But do you bring her back out here for a serious fucking? Or maybe take her home for some privacy? Maybe you should find your own slut to bang instead — what’s good for the goose is good for the gander after all?