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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by King28...)

All six men begin to strip as soon as Rachel says that. As she comes closer towards all of you, you begin to notice the finer details of your dear girlfriend. Her lips are coated in ruby red gloss and you can’t wait to see a few dicks slide between them. Her face is beautiful because of the ton of make-up she’s wearing. You can’t wait to see it ruined by stream after stream of white cum. She is wearing the expensive perfume you got for her from Paris. You can’t wait for her to smell like cum and sweat by the end of the night.

Anyways, Rachel’s dad moves towards her and starts to passionately kiss her. Rachel responds eagerly as her tongue twirls around with her father’s. Meanwhile, your dad gets down on his knees and starts to finger her pussy. Then, he continues to sucking and licking her wet cunt.

“Oh yeah… Oh yeah… Don’t stop, daddy, don’t fucking stop!” Rachel moans to your father as she breaks her kiss with her own dad.

Her step-dad suddenly pipes in, “Whoah, Whoah… Hold on boys. I think we should get Rachel into a little more comfortale position, both for her and for us.” As he says that, he begins to remove your girlfriend’s top, revealing her gorgeous double-D boobs. Your father, obviously pleased by the idea of stripping his daughter-in-law, harshly rips the short skirt off her plump ass. Then, he continues to suck her pussy, while also groping her fat ass this time.

With Rachel’s tits now open for use, her step-dad and Douglas step in and suck a boobie each. This action amplifies her moans.

“You have no idea the number of times I wanted to grope these juicy melons, Rachel. And, now I can!” her step-dad hollers. Meanwhile, the two neighbors are starting to get quite impatient.

“We came to fuck a slut, not see you guys fondling around with your childhood fantasy girl! I want to fuck this bitch’s pussy now!” one of them harshly shouts.