Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by RandomShadfan...)

Rachel leads Monica over to the bathroom sink and helps her up onto the counter. Monica spreads her legs invitingly. You crouch into front of her and let your fingers spread her pussy lips. You move forward and let your tongue massage her opening in a broad, slow lick. Rachel’s best friend shudders in answer.

You take Monica’s clit into your mouth and suck lightly, causing her to squeal. However, Rachel slaps her hand over Monica’s mouth to quieten her as you continue to suck her clit. To change it up a little, you start to caress Monica’s pussy in broad, steady licks. Above you, Monica informs Rachel, “Oh, god. He’s fucking amazing at this…”

“Why do you think I put up with missionary with the lights off so much?” Rachel jokes. You glance up (lightly fingering Monica’s pussy) and see the two of them moving in for a kiss, before their mouths make contact and they’re orally wrestling with each other. You go back to eating out Monica with renewed vigour, but after a moment Rachel tells you. “That’s enough oral, Ross. Monica needs your dick, and she needs it now.”

You can’t help but smile as you stand up.