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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by King28...)

“Well, I think it’s time we give this pussy the proper fucking it deserves,” says Rachel’s dad as he slowly fingers his daughter’s pussy.

“Hihihihi… Okay, daddy!” Rachel laughs playfully.

Rachel’s dad sits on your couch, with his dick upright from all that stroking earlier. Your girlfriend spreads her legs widely as she carefully lowers her wet twat onto her dad’s rock hard cock.

“Dammmnnn… your cunt’s so tight darling. Even your mom’s wasn’t this tight, and she was a virgin the first time I fucked her,” Rachel’s dad remarks as he begins to thrust into his daughter.

Your dad starts to grow impatient by now. He moves over to Rachel and pushes her down onto her father.

“Here, man, suck on your girl’s big titties.” Then, your dad spreads open your girlfriend’s ass cheeks and spits on her asshole. Using his dick, he lubricates her shithole well before positioning himself to start fucking.

“Oh no, not there. Please, no one has fucked me there before,” Rachel begins to plead.

However, her pleading is drowned by the shouting of six men crying “FUCK HER ASS… FUCK HER ASS… FUCK HER ASS!”

With the encouragement, your father shoves his dick into Rachel’s ass. As Rachel begins to scream helplessly, her step-dad suddenly appears in front of her face and thrusts his cock into her wailing mouth.

“Shhh, dear. Hush, now. We wouldn’t want to wake the next door neighbors now, would we?”

At first, your dad slowly thrusts into Rachel’s ass while her dad and step-dad are fucking her pussy and mouth at breakneck speed. However, he soon catches up with the two men, fucking her ass ruthlessly until it’s just a blur of flesh.

Even though she struggled at first, by now, Rachel manages to sync her movements with the three dicks thrusting into her three holes. The two neighborrs move to either side of Rachel and place her left hand and right hand on their respective dicks. Instinctively, Rachel begins to stroke them.

Douglas takes out a camera from his bag and starts to record this hot fucking session. He zooms in on her pussy and ass, as well as her mouth with a thick dick in it.

Not long after, you hear the familiar ecsstatic moans of a man who is about to climax. Rachel can sense that her father is about to cum, so she decides to help him out. She temporarily removes her step-dad’s dick from her mouth and says, “Yes daddy, release your fucking cum into your fucking daughter’s fucking hot slutty pussy!”

Motivated by his daughter’s dirty talk, Rachel’s dad thrusts faster and faster into his daughter’s pussy before finally releasing his load into her. A few minutes later, your dad and her step-dad blow their loads into your girlfriend too.

Rachel plunges two fingers into her pussy and scoops out some cum before slowly licking it from her fingers. She even manages to get some cum out from her ass and licks that too.

Douglas captures all of this on his camera and says, “Rachel, when I upload this on the net, you’ll be the number one slut in town!”

“Thanks a lot, Douglas! But I sure hope you haven’t stopped recording!”

“Why not?”

“’Cause the party’s not over yet, right, guys?”