Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by ThatOnePerson...)

You glance behind you, seeing your two options. While the cane looks promising, only one thing truly catches your eye. You turn your head back around, and gulp softly before speaking.

“Th-The whip…” you manage to whimper out in nervousness. Rachel looks down at you, showing a sort of fake curiosity while she does so. You can feel her hand gently rubbing your ass, her soft touch getting you reeled in hook, line, and sinker. She finally speaks, a sort of fake innocence resonating in her voice. “What was that?” she asks.

“The whip… I-I choose the whip…!” you stammer out. At this, the once gentle touch turns harsh, and a sting resonates within your left ass cheek. You wince at the feeling, and squirm around in pain, though it only makes your dick harder, which makes Rachel chuckle. She’s deriving some type of sick pleasure from this, isn’t she?

“You’re not saying it right, my slave,” she says, kissing the cheek she had smacked earlier to try to relieve the pain. At least she’s still being somewhat kind to you. “You have to beg. Beg for me to give you what you want.” At this, your face scrunches up a little, your cheeks flickering a bright red in embarrassment. “M-Mistress, you’re humiliating me…”

These words only land you another harsh spanking, this one making you yelp, though more in pleasure than in pain. Your dick is already incredibly hard, and her spanking only makes it worse. She lets out a sweet laugh, still feigning innocence. It’s at that point you realize you really have to follow through with what she’s asking.

“…M-Mistress, please… Wh-Whip my ass until I c-can’t sit down for a week…!” You add a desperate whimper at the end for dramatic effect, and Rachel seems sold.

“Very good, my pretty slave! You’re learning!” she exclaims happily, clapping her hands. “And as a treat, I’ll give you just what you want!” Before you’re allowed to say another word, you’re met with a silky blindfold over your eyes. You shudder nervously, the thought of not being able to see what’s coming to you overpowering your senses.

Finally, after seemingly an eternity of waiting, you feel the first strike. The whip cracks harsh against your ass, as if it’s broken the skin, making you scream, though your arousal only weighs heavier on you. You feel the whip crack across your ass again, and this time your scream is replaced by a moan as you feel a few dribbles of precum escape from your throbbing dick. You can hear Rachel giggling like a madwoman as she continues your punishment, giving you spanking after spanking with the whip.

You start trembling furiously as you realize you’re ready to burst. All of your girlfriend’s whipping has really gotten to you. Noticing this, she seems to get harsher and even more frequent with her strikes. You claw violently at the wall your body has become pressed against, and feel yourself becoming ready to cum. “M-Mistress! I-I- I’m gonna… G-Gonna-”

You can’t finish the sentence before you scream in orgasm, your cum spraying all over you and the floor. Rachel simply laughs at this, and pats you gently on the back, the tone in her voice pleased and sing-songy. “Well, well, seems we’ve found out your new interest, little masochist!”

Then she chuckles mischievously. “Now to exploit it!”