Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by King28...)

“Of course it ain’t over, sugar! Me and the rest of the boys haven’t had a chance to gangbang you!” says the man who had brutally face-fucked Rachel earlier.

According to Rachel’s dad, his name his Dick and the other gentleman with him is Billy.

“Well, whatdya waiting for? I’m as ready and slutty as I’ll ever be so let’s get fucking!” Rachel exclaims gleefully.

As soon as Billy sits on the couch, Rachel quickly climbs on top of his erect cock and starts riding it like a pro slut. In fact, you’re pretty sure Billy didn’t have to do anything other than moan loudly.

Douglas hands you his camera as he hastens to stuff his middle-aged prick into Rachel’s hungry mouth. Even though Rachel is capable of blowing Douglas off by herself, Douglas apparently takes pleasure in holding Rachel’s hair and ramming his cock violently into her gorgeous mouth, just like Dick had done earlier.

Speaking of Dick, he is casually standing aside while Douglas and Billy are busy fucking Rachel.

“Dick, my boy, shouldn’t you be fucking my slut tight shithole?” Rachel’s dad asks enquiringly.

“Nah! I wanna fuck her pussy!” says Dick.

“Sorry, buddy, but I think it’s gonna be a long, long time before I’m done with this bitch’s super-tight cunt!” exclaims Billy from under Rachel.

“Who said anything about waiting?” says Dick as he approaches your girlfriend.

Hearing his words, the rest of you figure out what Dick’s plan is, including Rachel. You can clearly see that she is not in favor of his plan as she struggles to get off Billy’s dick. However, you and the three dads pin her down as Dick slowly pushes his hard cock just above Billy’s into Rachel’s sweet pussy.

You can sense that Rachel wants to scream so badly as her body starts to shake uncontrollably as Dick penetrates her. However, no sound escapes her mouth as Douglas is deep-throating her at the moment.

Seeing Dick struggle, Rachel’s dad offers his assistance.

“Here, boy, let me help,” he says as he uses his two large hands to pry open his daughter’s tight pussy.

“Ohhhhh, shittttttt. Thanks a lot! Now, I can give this horny slut a proper fucking!” Dick says in joy.

All of you let go of Rachel as soon as you see Dick’s dick firmly stuck in her cunt. You know she can’t escape now as she’s stuck with two dicks in her pussy. Tears are streaming down your girlfriend’s cheeks.

Douglas removes his cock for a short while and smiles while saying “Now, now, we can’t have a pretty slut like you crying now, can we?”

He then wipes her tears with his hard cock before stuffing it back into her mouth, forcing her to taste her own tears.

Meanwhile, Dick and Billy are both fucking Rachel’s pussy at the same time. At first, neither of them can move their dicks. But, eventually, Rachel’s cunt provides enough lubrication for both of them to start fucking.

Instead of starting slowly, both of them immediately begin fucking at a fast pace. In fact, Rachel’s body starts jumping up and down because of their intense fucking.

By now, Rachel’s cries if pain have transformed into moans of sexual desire as she starts to scream stuff like “Ohhhhhh…..that’s right! Stuff my dirty cunt with all your fucking hard dicks!” and “Yeahhh…yeah…fuck me harder….gimme more cock…gimme more FUCK-ing cock!”

Rachel’s step-dad starts to get aroused by the action in front of him, so he decides to fill Rachel’s last hole. He climbs on top of the sofa and starts to fuck her ass right away.

As for your dad and Rachel’s dad, they sound their time by spanking one of Rachel’s ass cheeks each.

“Your daughter got some fine ass!” your father says in between smacks.

“Yeah… I know. When she was little, I would spank her everyday just to get a feel!” Rachel’s dad replies with laughter.

While they are having fun, you are resisting the temptation to jerk off to your girlfriend’s fucking as you focus on capturing all of the glorious moments on Douglas’s camera.

Eventually, Dick is about to cum. “Hey, Billy. I’m gonna cum!”

“Me, too, Dick! Let cum in this slut’s pussy at the same time! Ready?” Billy replies.

“ONE…TWO…THREEEEE!!!” both of them countdown as they release a giant wad of cum into Rachel’s cunt.

Douglas comes just a few seconds after the two men while Rachel’s step-dad releases his second load into your wife’s sore, red ass.

All of you push Rachel on to the floor as you begin to laugh merrily.

On the floor, Rachel starts to scoop up the cum that’s oozing from her sore pussy before seductively licking it from her pretty fingers.

Then, she proceeds to get her step-dad’s cum out of her asshole before gobbling that down too.

“Well, that was…..” you begin to say before you are interrupted by a sudden knocking on the door.