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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by King28...)

“I have to agree with Dick on this. Amy really needs to learn how to fuck. And I think it’s our responsibility to help her ‘learn’,” you say.

“Well, when you put it that way… I guess there’s really no harm in doing this then,” your dad says while grinning from ear to ear.

You have a funny feeling that your father wants to fuck your step-sister really badly.

“If you guys think I should do this, then I’m up for it too!” Amy says quite excitedly.

“Excellent! Well, we’ve wasted enough time already, so let’s get started! Firstly, I think we need to have a look at what we’re dealing with here,” says Dick as he starts to remove Amy’s top.

“Oh, and Rachel honey, I really think that only the guys and I should be ‘involved’ in this ‘lesson’ with Amy. Why don’t you get the dildo you keep in our room and just enjoy the show?” you tell your girlfriend.

Rachel seems a bit upset that she won’t be getting fucked anytime soon, but she listens to you anyway.

When you turn around, you are impressed that the guys have made short work of Amy’s clothes, leaving her as naked as the rest of you. Amy tries to cover her body with her hands but Douglas pushes them away.

“Amy darling, you shouldn’t hide your true self. You should proudly reveal yourself to us, okay?” Douglas reassures your sister.

Amy nods her head shyly. At that moment, Rachel returns with a purple dildo in her hand. She sits on a stool nearby and spreads her legs, ready to masturbate when the action begins.

Meanwhile, as Amy lowers her hands, you get to see her boobs for the first time in your life.

Judging by their size, you guess that they must be c-cups. In your head, you agree with Tony that your sister’s tits are a bit disappointing.

Dick, however, doesn’t seem to have your manners. “What kind of titties are these? No wonder your boyfriend left you, bitch!” he says rudely.

Amy looks like she is about to cry again when Dick says, “Holy smokes! Wait a fucking second. Her ass… it’s… it’s ginormous! I haven’t seen a piece of meat like that in my entire life!”

This makes Amy smile happily. Inside your head, you imagine your thick dick enter your sister’s big ass. The very thought makes your dick a bit hard.

You’re pretty sure you’re not the only one with this thought as, judging by the facial expressions (and the dicks) of the six men with you, you’re all thinking the exact same thing.

“What am I gonna learn first?” Amy asks.

This snaps all of you out of your fantasies. What should you teach your sweet little sister? Perhaps you could live your fantasies by fucking her ass? Or you could take her cherry. Perhaps a lesson in the art of blowjobs? Or you could start with something basic like handjobs.

The possibilities are endless, but you’ve made up your mind.