Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by King28...)

“I want to fuck one of my students!” your girlfriend exclaims.

Rather than being shocked, you’re quite gleeful. “Baby, you have no idea how long I’ve thought the exact same thing. I’ve jerked off so many times to the thought of you fucking your students!” you say.

“Really? Oh, thank God! I thought you’d divorce me or something!” Rachel says in relief.

“How long have you had this idea?” you ask.

“Actually, it wasn’t my idea. The other day, our school’s football captain, Victor, said he wanted to celebrate our school’s championship victory with me… in private,” she says.

“And you weren’t angry?” you ask in disbelief.

“Actually, I was very turned on. I mean he is quite muscular, no offense sweetie,” Rachel replies naughtily.

“None taken,” you say without caring. At that point, you’re more interested in thinking about your girlfriend getting fucked.

“Besides, this is pretty much my fault. The shopkeeper did say that the tight, cleavage-revealing shirts and short skirts that I bought would make any guy want to fuck me. Guess I shouldn’t have worn them to school, huh?” Rachel says.

“Yeah, no shit. So, now that I’ve agreed, tell this Victor that you’re ready to fuck,” you say happily.

Rachel doesn’t reply. Instead, she jumps on top of you and kisses you passionately while you are busy groping her plump ass.

You have one slutty girlfriend.