Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon2...)

“Well, we’re sure gonna try,” you tell her. Despite the fact that you’ve just blown your load, you feel your cock give a slight twitch at the thought of John jizzing all over your girlfriend. Tomorrow is another exciting day, and you can’t wait for what’s in store.

You and Rachel rise early the next morning to get ready for work. Rachel dresses in a short, tight miniskirt and a not-very-modest blouse. You ogle at her cleavage through breakfast, and she seems to take note, unbuttoning another button with a laugh. The boner she gives you lingers throughout your drive to work, and it’s all you can do to stay focused through the day.

A little after lunch your phone vibrates in your pocket. You almost leap to your feet, your heart and dick both throbbing at the thought of another pic from Rachel. You scramble off to the restroom, locking yourself in a stall. You pull out your phone, and are disappointed and confused when you find that the text is from an unknown number. You open it anyway, expecting to find an advertisement or wrong number. Instead, you are shocked to see something more along the lines of what you expected. It’s a picture of Rachel, with her blouse and bra pulled down to expose her fabulous tits. On top of that, her face is covered in thick gobs of cum, and it clearly isn’t yours. Your heart pounds tight in your chest as you read the captioned texted beneath it.

“Your girlfriend is a great personal assistant. Or should I say, sexcretary?”

You’re caught in a mixture of emotions. You had no idea Rachel would be so quick to blow her boss, and what’s more she obviously gave him the number for the picture. Your blood is boiling, but in more than one way. You have a choice to make…

To jerk or not to jerk? That is the question.