Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon2...)

“Oh mistress, please let me cum on your feet,” you beg. You figure you’re not asking too much. Rachel has been edging you for quite a while, and it’s not like you’re asking to cum on her tits. But Rachel doesn’t seem to follow your logic.

“You think I’d let you cum so soon? Oh slave, we’re only just getting started. And because you asked, you’re in for a little punishment.” Rachel slips a blindfold over your eyes, and your ears can’t quite make heads or tails of the sounds you’re hearing. You wonder where Rachel got this equipment, and realize she’s probably had this fantasy for a long time. Heck, for all you know, you aren’t the first man she’s done it too.

Rachel slips off your blindfold, and you’re stunned by the sight in front of you. Your girlfriend is still completely nude, but with one bit of apparel. She’s added a strap-on cock, and you estimate that it’s about six inches long. Rachel seems to anticipate your concern, and tries to calm your nerves.

“Oh don’t worry slave. This is my smallest cock. And if you’re good, I won’t have to get any of the others.” This does little to quell your fears, but does confirm your theory that Rachel has a lot of toys hanging around.

“Now suck it bitch!” Rachel exclaims, and she slips the strap-on past your lips into your surprised mouth. You gag a little at first, but quickly adjust to the sensation. Rachel is being merciful, and only slipped about half of her member into your mouth. You obediently suck as your girlfriend slowly sways, pushing the cock in and out.

“Let’s see some tongue slave. This isn’t a great blowjob,” Rachel demands. You quickly oblige. The foreign sensation is quickly becoming more comfortable, and you start to slobber on her dick like you mean it. Rachel responds in kind, feeding your more and more of the dildo until you’re barely keeping up. You’re quickly realizing how hard your girlfriend works while giving you head, and you have it easy. You don’t even have to watch your teeth!

All at once, the face-fucking is over. You sigh in relief, but a mischievous smile on Rachel’s face tells you the night is far from over.

“Well slave, that wasn’t bad for your first blowjob. In fact, I might even reward you. Should I eat your ass, or would you rather eat mine?”