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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Weaselbee...)

You decide it’s better not to hurt anyone, but that doesn’t mean you’re not going to fight back. When Monica lunges at you next, you catch her by surprise and maneuver your way into a headlock.

She struggles, punch after punch, but she can’t break free of your hold. The way that she thinks that she can break free… it’s honestly kinda cute.

After a while, being so dominant starts to turn you on. You find your way on top of Monica and hold her arms down as she continues to struggle. She pants and wheezes, her energy dying down. Suddenly she notices the situation she is in, looks you in the eye, and bites her bottom lip.

Your body is filled with lust. You have always noticed Monica’s body, and you take her action as a sign that says she is ready.

Suddenly you feel a cool hand reach around your back to release your belt loop. Rachel has decided to stop just sitting there, and has come over to join the fun. She takes your pants slowly down to your ankles, and then you kick them off.

Rachel moves in close and whispers in your ear. “Go ahead, Ross. I want you to fuck the shit out of that little bitch!” she says, with a slap of your ass.

This is too perfect. You decide this just can’t be real, but have no time to question it. You start taking off your shirt when all of a sudden you are attacked on all sides. A headlock and a twist and suddenly you are on your back, lying naked with Monica straddling your package, with your girlfriend holding your arms down as you struggle.

Another whisper finds its way to your ear. “Hang on there, cowboy. I didn’t say you could do her alone.”

The idea of fucking Monica has been a fantasy of yours ever since you met her, but you’re not sure what Rachel is implying with her last comment. Should you fight back, or trust your girlfriend and see what happens?