Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon2...)

“Well two can play at that game,” you tell Rachel. “Fake sick and come home. I’ve got a plan to get this son of a bitch.”

Rachel arrives back at home, and you explain the plan to her. She listens carefully, and considers for a minute before replying.

“That’s a risky plan. If something goes wrong, I could be out of a job and you’d never live it down. Are you sure you wanna go through with this?”

“We don’t really have a choice. If we don’t at least try, you’ll have to quit anyway, and the rumor will spread that I’m some kinda cuck. I’m willing to give it a shot. Are you?”

Your girlfriend looks down briefly, but then she returns your gaze with a quiet intensity. “Hell yeah,” she says.

The next day comes more quickly than you imagined. Both you and Rachel are nervous, but full of resolve. Rachel picks her sluttiest outfit. Her skirt only covers about half her thighs, and is tight enough that you can see each individual ass cheek. Her blouse is a similar story, with the shirt cut down to just above the nipple. She even passes on a bra, and at certain angles you can see the top of her areolas. You evaluate her carefully, and declare the outfit suitable.

“You like a cheap whore,” you tell Rachel.

“Thanks Ross,” she says with a laugh. “With any luck, John will think the same thing.

Rachel is waiting for John in his office when he arrives. She is splayed out across his desk, her skirt riding up even more and her breasts hanging slightly out of her shirt. He almost drops his briefcase in shock as he quickly closes the door, and Rachel turns the charm on.

“I must admit John, at first I didn’t think I’d be into this. The picture of my boobs was just an accident, and things just sort of spiraled from there. But I’ll tell you what, I’m so glad it happened. The thought of your cock drives me crazy, and I can’t wait to show you how I feel.” Rachel beckons her boss over, and has him sit in his swiveling office chair. She kneels at his feel and gently undoes his pants and yanks them down with boxers to reveal his small, but quickly-hardening cock. She reaches her hand toward it, but at the last second gives him a fierce shove and shouts, “Now!”

You spring out of John’s private bathroom, guns a blazin’. Well, not literal guns. It’s actually a powerful high speed camera set to the action setting. John tries to cover himself as he realizes what’s happening, but the damage is done. You’ve already snapped some pretty embarrassing dick shots, and there’ll be plenty of time to crop them later.

You dash out the door, not wishing to stick around and discuss the situation. John leaps up to give pursuit, but instead he ends up tripping over the pants that Rachel dropped around his ankles. He hits the ground face-first, and Rachel even has enough time to snap a quick phone picture of him lying on the ground with his bare ass exposed before she too makes a hasty exit.

You meet back down at your car, and quickly shift into gear before speeding away.

“Well that went well,” you say, your heart still racing with adrenaline.

“Yeah it did!” Rachel exclaims, breathing a little heavily herself. “Can I confess something?” she asks. You turn and give her a quizzical look, and she continues. “Revenge makes me really horny.”

Rachel unbuckles her seatbelt, and drops down out of sight while unbuttoning your jeans. She pulls your quickly-hardening dick out of your boxers, and takes it into her hungry mouth. You groan with pleasure as your girlfriend gives you road head for the first time. You’re also grateful for your heavily tinted windows, as you’ve had enough of other men peeping at Rachel for a while.

The adrenaline of the morning and Rachel’s enthusiastic technique combine in an intense fashion, and you don’t last long. You cum hard, squirting rope after rope of hot spunk down your girlfriend’s throat as you struggle to drive straight. Rachel swallows every drop and gives you a happy smile.

“You can thank me when you get home.”

You do so vigorously, and after you both have orgasmed a few times you settle down to the business of the pictures. You contemplate using them as blackmail, but Rachel decides that she’d rather just send the pictures out.

“He lost his second chance when he made me blow him,” she says. She picks the most embarrassing dick shot and the cell phone picture she took, and sends them to everyone at her work with no caption. Nevertheless, the message she intended seems to get out. Within a few days John has quietly quit his job, and you never hear from him again. Rachel is given back her old position, and the guys that had ogled her now give her a lot more respect. She regains the trust of her friends, and in the end the experience gives you an emotional and physical intimacy that you never imagined. And in the end, you only have John to thank.

The End