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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

John turns his head to face the camera and winks, slowly removing his hand from Rachel’s pussy.

“What did you call me slut?” he calmly asks.

“I meant-” but Rachel is cut off.

“Too late my girl!” laughs John, and Rachel yelps as John’s hand comes down and slaps her ass sharply. You watch as a red handprint appears on your wife’s fleshy butt.

“I’m sorry Boss!” squeaks Rachel as she tries to slump down onto the table, but is held up by John’s other hand still clasping her hair by the ponytail.

“Better. Let’s start again shall we?” replies John, returning his hand to her pussy. “Sending that picture to me was unprofessional. However, your husband was right. Blowing me was a good start to saving your job.” Looking back to the camera and smiling at you he adds “By the way Ross, thanks for that!”

Returning his gaze to your naked girlfriend leaning over his desk, he goes on. “Rachel, you were a bit hesitant at first, but after a while you really did a very acceptable job. I very much appreciated your enthusiasm. You have such an engaging smile. Now, it’s time to fill your boyfriend in on our arrangement.”

Rachel says nothing. She just stands there bent over the desk. Your eyes flick back and forth between her fleshy boobs hanging down and her gorgeous shapely legs. As the seconds tick by you notice Rachel’s boobs start to sway, and her calves and thighs start to as she rotates her ass while John continues rubbing her pussy. Suddenly John makes a clicking sound with his tongue and releases Rachel’s head, finally letting her slump down across the desk.

“Speak to your boyfriend, Rachel!”

Rachel freezes. “Yes boss! Ross, I’m sorry-” but she is cut off by John. “No need to apologise you little slut, and look at your boyfriend when you speak to him.”

“Yes Boss,” whispers your girlfriend, raising her head to look at you. You’re shocked to see her start moving her ass in slow circles and pushing back onto John’s hand like she’s fucking it. Oh my god you think, how did this happen to her? What has your girlfriend become?

“I did like you suggested. I offered a blow job for deleting the pictures. He enjoyed it so much, but I… I couldn’t get him off, and my jaw was aching… it was taking so long! So I undid my dress and let him play with my boobs…”

You sit there staring at your phone watching Rachel bent over her boss’s desk dry-humping his hand. You reflect that no matter how you feel intellectually about the scene in front of you, your dick is certainly enjoying it.

Should you ignore the boner in your pants and try to stop this? Or should you give in and enjoy the show with your girlfriend starring in your own personal porno?