Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

Before you can do anything, Rachel continues. “You know what playing with my boobs does to me, Ross — I couldn’t help it — I started to get into it — I’ve always had a thing for John. It felt so good. So wrong — but sooo good. Kneeling there in front of him, sliding my… my mouth up and down his cock while he fondled my boobs, and seeing how turned on he was, it was — it was too much.”

“Yes indeed it was! You begged me to cum in your pretty mouth didn’t you?” chuckles John.

“Yesss — I wanted to taste you, so badly.. .sooo badly.” Rachel gasps, rocking back and forth, pushing her pussy harder onto John’s hand.

“What the fuck? You can’t be serious? You’ve always had a thing for this prick?” you interrupt, your mind spinning in confusion at this new revelation.

“Oh we’ve been flirting for ages, Ross! You must have known. As I explained to your slutty little girlfriend here — that’s why you told her to blow me,” laughs John, “otherwise you would have suggested a quick handy!”

“No way! I had no idea! I was just trying to get us out of this situation,” you yelp, not believing how devious John is — how easily that prick managed to convince Rachel that you were actually giving her permission to blow him because you wanted her to fulfil some secret fantasy for both of you. Your mind wanders and you think that they should have hired this guy to work on that Di Caprio movie “Inception.”

“Oh Ross, I love you, but you never made me do these things. You never made me want to. Now you’ve let John do it for us. All it took was that picture you asked for — you’re so clever honey — thank you.”

“That’s your cue, Ross. Go on, tell your girlfriend that only a slutty little whore would beg her boss for a good fucking on his desk,” chuckles John, giving you another sly wink and unzipping his fly.

“Jesus Rachel, he’s right! You’re my girlfriend! Only a cheap whore would do that, but-”

Before you can finish Rachel lets out a long moan as John rubs his cock around her pussy, coating it in her juices. Sliding the head just inside, he pauses.

“Rachel, is this what you want? Do you want more?”

“Ohhh gaaawwd! Please… more,” gasps Rachel, attempting to push back against John’s throbbing cock, but John grabs the soft flesh of her hips and holds your girlfriend still. “What are you doing? Just stick it in me!” complains Rachel, her voice husky with lust.

“Slow down you eager little slut! Are you on birth control?”

“Oh shit!” exclaims Rachel, eyes wide open.

“Ah. How about I put on a condom then?” suggests John, pulling out of her pussy and reaching for his wallet out of his back pocket. He makes a big show of rustling through it. Rachel collapses onto the desk eyes closed in relief. John smiles to you and throws the wallet onto the desk empty handed, and makes a big show of pretending to put on a condom.

“He’s lying, he didn’t put on a condom!” you yell as John sinks his cock balls deep into Rachel’s soaking wet pussy.

“That’s it Ross. Keep the show going! Let’s all pretend that I’m fucking your beautiful slut girlfriend bareback! How does it feel Rachel? Is it exciting to think your boss might knock you up?” chuckles John as he slams hard into Rachel, his balls making audible slapping sounds against her ass.

“Yes — yes! Fuck — me — bareback — don’t — stop — pleeease!” grunts Rachel between thrusts as John continues fucking her harder and harder. John grabs a handful of the soft flesh on Rachel’s left hip and reaches for her boob with the other hand. Rachel obliges, lifting herself up onto her hands to give John better access. John immediately starts mauling her soft orb, alternating between squeezing and kneading, and pulling and pinching the nipple. With every rough squeeze and pinch Rachel gasps “Yess, my boobs — so good — so good — fuck me — harder!” After a while your girlfriend is incapable of words, and only raw grunts and moans escape her pretty mouth, barely audible over the wet squelching and slapping of flesh.

John is a machine, and continues fucking Rachel for fifteen minutes without even slowing down, ensuring he has mauled both boobs, and the smooth flesh of her hips is pink with hand prints. Several times Rachel tenses up about to come, but each time John stops fucking her, holding her still despite her loud complaints and attempts to finish herself off on his cock. You’ve never seen her like this, begging to be allowed to come, like some desperate sex-starved slut. It’s unbelievable, and your mind is torn. One part of you can’t get enough of seeing the best porn you’ve ever seen — this woman is so sexy, so unbelievably slutty, that you’d give your left ball to be the man fucking her right now. The other part is outraged that the woman is your Rachel, your girlfriend, and the guy is her boss, fucking her to such heights of ecstasy that she is constantly on the edge of orgasm from just being fucked, and has been reduced to begging to be allowed to come. Your dick is aching and your brain hurts with the conflict.

Finally Rachel tenses up again in an imminent orgasm, and collapses onto the desk, lying there panting and moaning. John grabs her hips holding her still, but your girlfriend slowly slides a hand down underneath herself. John’s weight on her hips prevents her hand reaching its goal as he starts pumping into her yet again.

“Please, please let me come — please! Rachel moans in protest.

“Tell you what, when I’ve pumped you full of sperm then you can do what you want. How about that?” John chuckles, picking up the pace.