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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

“Anything, please, anything you say!” groans your girlfriend, the gratitude clear in her voice.

“Here it comes!” shouts John, grinding groin hard into Rachel’s ass. He holds himself still for several seconds, letting his sperm drain into your girlfriend’s fertile womb.

“Oh my god! I can feel it! It’s so hot — oh my god — even without a condom — I’ve never felt this before — this is so good — Oh shit, don’t stop — don’t stop!” exclaims Rachel, pushing herself back harder onto John’s cock.

Slowly John relaxes, taking his weight off of your girlfriend. Immediately Rachel’s hand pushes under her stomach and reaches down between her soft silken thighs. “Please leave it in. Please? I want to feel the warmth of your cum in the condom — inside me — while I come. Please don’t take it out yet?”

John looks down at his cock still buried deep in your girlfriend’s pussy and smiles.

“I didn’t wear a condom Rachel. Ross was telling the truth. Tell her Ross!”

Rachel turns her head to face you, and you just nod your head, lost for words. You watch as Rachel’s hand begins to move, her arm moving back and forth beneath her. Your girlfriend’s eyes never leave the camera. John slowly pumps his hips matching her rhythmic movement. In total silence you watch Rachel finger herself with John still buried inside her.

“You know,” John interrupts, “if you come now, that will push my sperm further inside you.”

This sets your girlfriend off, and she suddenly shudders. “Ooohhh gaaawwwd! Yeesss!” and you watch as her stomach contracts and her head lolls to the side. They stay like that for several seconds, with John plugging her pussy as he enjoys the last post-orgasmic shivers contracting around his cock. Eventually Rachel’s eyes open and she sighs, “Please, fuck me again? I’ll do anything you say!”

“Sorry my little slut, I’m all spent! But it’s getting late, so maybe we can find one of the custodial staff…”