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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon2...)

“He’s flown too close to the sun,” you text back. “He may think installing cameras is clever, but it’ll be his undoing. Just wait until he tries to make a move on you, and then refuse. If he gets too pushy, there’ll be tapes to prove it.”

“I didn’t even think of that. But how are we gonna get the footage if he tries something?” Rachel asks.

“You’ll have to scream bloody murder so security shows up. They should have the passwords to everyone’s computers, and I’m guessing the cameras will be linked to his. This is your chance to really show him who’s boss, Rachel.”

“I hope your plan is as good as your pun,” she replies, and you both get back to work. You have a slight nervous feeling all day, but you comfort yourself with the thought that your plan is almost airtight. You and Rachel meet back at home later that day, and she fills you in on the details.

“It worked like a charm!” she exclaims. “John kept making passes at me, but when I refused he didn’t try anything. He seemed really self conscious too.”

“Man, the cameras really are working against him. I’m sure he’ll get rid of them by tomorrow,” you tell her.

Surprisingly, he doesn’t. And he doesn’t for the next few weeks either. You and Rachel both agree that he must really want a hot tape, because he doesn’t stop flirting and making suggestive comments. Rachel gets a bit of a kick out of his desperation, but admits that it wears on her a bit too.

“It’s hard to get any work done,” she tells you. “John wants constant attention, and he’s tried every method in the book to try to get in my pants. This morning I even walked into his office and he ”accidentally“ had his slacks off. As if that would turn me on!” She shakes her head in frustration. “I just want this whole thing to be over.” It turns out, Rachel will get her wish, but not in the way she imagined.

The next day Rachel doesn’t arrive home from work at her usual time. At first you aren’t worried, but after half an hour you can’t help but feel that something is wrong. She hasn’t responded to your texts or calls, and she’s dangerously close to being late for dinner at her favorite restaurant.

You grab your keys so you can drive to go check on her, but just as you go to leave, Rachel comes in the door. Her clothes are disheveled, and she looks like she’s at the verge of a breakdown. Without a word she falls into your waiting arms, and for a few minutes all you can do is hold her. After a while, she gains control, and in a shaky voice she tells her story, although it takes her a while to get through it.

“It all started like a normal day. In fact, it was kind of a good one. John was a lot nicer than usual, and I got a lot of work done. I decided to stay a little late, because I hadn’t had a productive day in so long. John was there too, sorting through some paperwork, but I didn’t pay him much attention. I was just about to finish my project when I was pulled onto the ground. I saw out of the corner of my eye that it was John, and screamed as loud as I could, but he stuffed a towel in my mouth and told me to shut up. He flipped me over onto my knees, and before I could really start fighting he already had my hands pinned behind me and handcuffed. I just kept screaming into the towel, but I couldn’t get it out of my mouth. He reached up my shirt and grabbed my breasts, and he was so rough. He had his whole body weight on top of me and kept feeling me up like I was a piece of meat. I just started crying at that point because I knew what was coming. He yanked my skirt down, and ripped my panties when he couldn’t get them to slide down. He started touching my vagina and wanted him to stop so bad, but I was helpless. I heard his pants unzip, and I prepared for the worst. But just then, one of the janitors came in. He had been starting his daily cleanup when he’d heard some commotion, and so he came in to see what was the matter. He saw what John was doing to me, and so he came at him with a broom. John was a lot stronger than him, but all the yelling got the other two janitors in there as well. They beat the shit out of him, and then called the police. I was in shock, and I couldn’t even think straight to thank them. When the cops arrived I managed to tell them where the house was, and they brought me straight home.”

You’re horrified throughout Rachel’s story, and at the end all you can do is hold her. Questions can wait for another day, but for now you’re just thankful for the janitors that stopped John when they did.

As the weeks go buy, some details come out. John is obviously fired, and he sits in jail awaiting trial. Because his fingers penetrated your girlfriend, the charge is upgraded from attempted rape to rape. The trial will likely take some time, but the police find more than enough evidence for a hard conviction. The tapes on John’s computer show the assault in question, and it seems like John was even sick enough to choose a spot with an excellent view. The investigation team also finds a one way ticket to South America, and detailed plans for escaping the country. John was so obsessed with Rachel that when he couldn’t convince her to do anything semi-consensually, he opted to rape her and flee the country. Countless other secret pictures and documents make his obsession clear, and even the seasoned police officers are stunned at the mass of evidence they find.

Rachel is really shaken by the events, and you can’t help but blame yourself. Despite her insistence to the contrary, you can’t help but feel that your decisions got her into this mess. But as the months go on, a few silver linings begin to appear. Rachel assumes her boss’s old job, and begins to regain her confidence. John gets sentenced to twenty-five years in prison, and with the massive amount of evidence, Rachel doesn’t even have to testify. The experience certainly leaves a scar, but you’re grateful for some janitors, a mountain of evidence, and more than anything, your beautiful girlfriend.

The End