Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by NinjaD...)

As Rachel bends over the desk, still fingering herself trying to get some more self-satisfaction after that pounding she just took, you see her boss zip up and step out of the frame. You hear him say, “don’t go anywhere my little whore,” before hearing a door close behind him.

You’re stuck in awe watching her finger herself and see her bring herself to another orgasm while on the desk. She bites her lip and closes her eyes while her body shakes uncontrollably. With your dick in your hand watching this amazing sight, you hear that office door outside of the screen frame reopen….

Your beautiful girlfriend’s eyes slowly open and are wide with shock! Anxious to learn what’s going on, you recognize a familiar voice. It’s none other than that of your best friend Jamie!

“Holy shit John, you weren’t lying. I would have bet everything I own that you were full of shit!”

John addresses Rachel. “Well I found the custodians but they said they needed to finish but would come by after if we still need them. However Jamie here was in the office late finishing up the paperwork for a deal. He was about to head out when I told him I had a surprise for him in here. He didn’t think it was possible for me to have you naked in here dying to be fucked again.”

“Ooooh Jamie, come here and finish off what John refused to!” You can’t believe your ears — Rachel is asking your best friend to come over to the desk and finish her off! You can now see him in the screen as if he’s in a possessed trance. He slowly starts undressing and you see his pants come off. You thought John was big, but damn Jamie is huge! He’s got to be at least eight inches if not bigger. You see your girlfriend lick her lips as she knows her pussy is about to be destroyed…