Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by King28...)

“How about we start off with something simple like handjobs?” you suggest.

“What are handjobs?” Amy asks curiously.

You take your step-sister’s hand and place it over Douglas’s semi-hard dick.

“You put your hand on a cock and stroke it… just like that!” you say as you place your hand on top of your sister’s and “teach” her how to do a handjob.

“How will I know if I’m doing it right?” she asks.

“Oh, I’m sure you’ll know!” you reply.

Soon, you let go of Amy’s hand and she strokes Douglas’s dick by herself.

Billy takes her other hand and places it on his dick. Instinctively, Amy starts to stroke it.

“That’s it, baby, now you’ve got the hang of it!” your dad exclaims.

“Thank you, daddy!” Amy says with a smile.

At that point, all seven of you surround Amy with your cocks. Amy giggles happily while she takes turns stroking each of your cocks.

Pretty soon, all your dicks are fully erect. You stop Amy and say, “Well now that we’ve covered handjobs, I think it’s time we move on to blowjobs,” you say.

At that point, Amy seems pretty excited.

“Now, we need someone to ”guide“ our sweet princess on the fine art of giving the perfect blowjob! Any volunteers? How about you, dad?” you ask.

“I’m not sure, son… but your father-in-law seems like the right man for the job… blowjob that is!” your dad says with a laugh.

“It would be my pleasure!” says Griff, your dad-in-law. He sits on the sofa and tells your sister to kneel in front of him. She does so obediently.

“Now, Amy, sucking a man’s dick is like sucking a lollipop. Now I want you to put my cock into that cute mouth of yours.

Your sister grasps Griff’s dick, stares at it for a while and puts it into her mouth.

“Ooohhhhhh… that’s it. Now, use your tongue to cover my dick with saliva, but don’t pull it out,” he moans.

You hear slurping noises from Amy’s mouth and think she’s doing a pretty good job.

Griff continues to moan happily. “Amy, sweetheart, I want you to push my dick down your throat. Make sure you gag, honey!” your father-in-law instructs.

Your sister tries to do what he says but fails the first few times. Eventually, she’s deep-throating Griff like a pro.

Griff pulls his dick out of your sister’s mouth after a good ten minutes. It is drenched in her saliva. “That was great, Amy! Now how about you take care of my balls?” Griff says enthusiastically.

Without a word, Amy lifts Griff’s dick to reveal his balls. She stuffs both his balls into her mouth and sucks them while her hand frantically strokes his dick.

Eventually, Griff starts to moan and says he’s about to cum. “This is the moment girls wait for in sex, Amy. Now, I want you to stroke my cock in front of your face!” Griff exclaims.

Amy does as she’s told just as Griff sprays jet after jet of jizz all over your sister’s pretty face.

“Ugh! What do I do with this white stuff?” Amy asks after Griff empties his load.

“You lick every last drop!” you say. “Remember, guys hate it if you waste even a single drop!”

“Okay…” Amy says as she scoops the cum from her face and licks it, carefully not wasting any of it. “It’s actually quite tasty… a bit like caramel, I guess. I want more!” she says.

So the remaining six of you once again surround Amy with your dicks and let her suck off each of you, one by one. While waiting, some of you stroke your cocks while the rest of you slap Amy’s face with your hard dicks.

Meanwhile, Griff takes the camera and starts a new video called “Training a Slut.” He films the rest of you getting blowjobs from Amy.

After an hour or so, all of you give Amy your semen. She lets everyone cum in her mouth and swallows every last drop. Then, she licks all your dicks till they’re clean.

“That… was… AWESOME!!! I want to learn more about fucking!!!” Amy shouts in delight.

“I’m way too tired!” says Billy.

“Me too!” agrees Rachel’s step-dad.

Amy checks the clock. It’s 5:00 a.m. “Shit! I gotta get to college… But I really don’t wanna stop fucking. I mean, I just got here!” she says sadly.

Maybe it’s time to end the party. Everyone seems tired and Amy’s gotta go. Or perhaps there’s a way for you to continue the party after all?