Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon2...)

“Go ahead and go to the meeting,” you tell her. There’ll be plenty of people there, and I’m sure no one will try anything. It’d be crazy if they did.“

“I think you’re right,” Rachel tells you. “I’m probably overreacting. Maybe it’s just something to do with the promotion John gave me.” You discuss the idea some more, and decide this is probably the case. In fact, Rachel even decides to dress on the provocative side. After all, all the top executives will be there.

You and Rachel both leave for work the next day, and you can’t help feel a little nervous. Despite your logic, there’s a part of you that can’t help but feel that something is long. But around 2:00, Rachel shoots you a text.

“Great news! The meeting was boring as hell, but I got another promotion! I’ll fill you in on the details at home.”

The pit in your stomach lifts, and you breathe a sigh of relief. It seems your bad feeling was just a passing phase. Later that evening, you reunite with Rachel at home.

“My new position is as an executive secretary. I’ll mostly be answering phones and attending meetings, but I have a few executive duties as well.”

“Secretary? Isn’t that a step down from your current position?” you ask.

“I thought so too, but then I looked at the salary,” she replies. You glance at the number on her job description and your jaw drops.

“Six figures for being a secretary? Holy shit!” you exclaim.

“I know! I’m so excited,” Rachel tells you. “Why don’t you read the job description?” You follow her advice, and are surprised by what you find.

“Provide a certain aesthetic appeal at important company meetings, events, and intra-company functions? Applicant is expected to maintain an attractive, notable appearance? Rachel, you’re being hired as eye candy!”

“But not slutty eye candy,” she points out. “I’ll have a desk in view of lots of people, and the meetings I attend will always have multiple people present. If I don’t take the job, I’ll be stuck in John’s private office getting harassed and making less money. This is a golden opportunity, Ross.”

You see her point, and wholeheartedly agree. Even if she ends up having to dress like a back alley whore, it’s better than giving her boss blowjobs for the next few years. You both go to bed happy and ready to attack the next day.

Rachel’s new position turns out to be exactly what you hoped for. The salary is great, the work isn’t too difficult, and she finds herself learning a lot about the company as well. She does find herself serving as eye candy at many a meeting, but tries to learn as much as she can while being stared at. The stares occasionally cross the line into straight up creepy, but the worst that ever happens is a slap on the ass from one of the execs or a not subtle enough attempt to snap a pic.

Over time, Rachel starts to assume more and more responsibilities. She knows more about the company than many of the execs, and it becomes apparent. In fact, within a few years, she actually is given an executive position, ending her days as eye candy. Your relationship with her flourishes, and in time you start a family. Of course, you never tell your kids the real story of how Rachel got her job. But every now and then, she sends you a sexy pic from her office, just as a reminder.

The End