Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon2...)

“John messed with the wrong guy,” you think, quickly saving the URL for the video. From years of prior research, you know porn law pretty well, and you know this is as illegal as it gets. With a well placed phone call and a few documents, the police have all the evidence they need to arrest John. He won’t be going to prison, but a few months of jail time and a hefty fine are headed his way. He’s left way too much evidence behind.

Rachel is delighted to be done with John, and is further delighted when she is given his old position as well. John’s fatal mistake has given her a golden opportunity, and you couldn’t be more happy for her.

A couple days later, you get a picture text from Rachel. You open it up, and then quickly hide it once you see its content. Rachel is sitting in her office chair completely nude, with one hand playing with her nipple and the other plunged in her dripping snatch.

“I’ve got a lockable office with no cameras. What more could a girl want?” the text says. A bulge is growing in your pants, and you can’t help but agree. Both of you have a life well worth the trouble you’ve gone through.

The End