Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon2...)

This is fap material that’s just too good to pass up. You decide to let the video be, and hope that Rachel never finds out. After all, there’s an incredible amount of porn on the internet. And honestly, this isn’t high quality stuff. You’re a little confused at how Jamie even found it in the first place, but you decide not to ask questions.

The weeks turn into months, and bossman64 remains an occasional poster. Your girlfriend informs you that she has to resort to blowjobs and an occasional titty-fuck to expedite the process of getting John off and keep him satisfied. You feign disappointment, but you’re really just excited because much of it ends up online. By the time John reaches Voyeur Secretary 9, you’ve amassed a pretty impressive collection of material, which you even splice into a greatest hits of sorts.

Rachel has no idea of her internet fame, which is primarily because… she doesn’t have any. The users demanding anal and creampies figure out pretty quickly that it isn’t going to happen, and move on to bigger and better porn. In fact, you’re pretty sure that you (and probably Jamie) are the only ones watching on a consistent basis. But in the end, that’s not a problem for you. All the good porn material is happening in your bedroom.

Eventually, Rachel gains enough experience that she obtains a better job somewhere else. She’s relieved to be done with John, and your disappointment at the end of fresh porn is offset by her newly increased salary. You keep the videos and occasionally get off to them, but as your time goes on even they don’t do much for you anymore. The whole episode becomes just a memory in your wonderful life with Rachel, and you’re fine to let it be just that.

The End