Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon2...)

You have an honest conversation with Rachel. You tell her you think things have gotten out of hand, and that you can’t think of a way out. But you make sure you include your feelings in the matter. You know she loves her job, and you’re pretty sure blowing John really turned her on. She admits both are true, but also thinks things are getting a little out of hand. John told her that he wants to see her pussy, and neither one of you is ready for that to happen. It’s a difficult conversation, but she’s grateful that you handle it with grace.

“Thanks for being honest with me, Ross. I love you and I never want to hurt you. I’m sorry for taking things too far.”

“It’s okay Rachel. It’s just as much my fault as yours. But now we need to focus on solving this. Any ideas?” Both of you admit you’re kind of clueless. John has several incriminating photos now, and they all appear very consensual. He could ruin Rachel’s life with a few clicks, and you know he’s ready to do so. But after several minutes of thinking, Rachel leaps to her feet in excitement.

“I’ve got it! How did I not think of this before!”

“What is it?” you ask excitedly.

“My friend Monica! She’s the tech whizz for the company, and she’s practically a genius. I’ll give her a call, and I’m sure she’ll know to do.”

She does just that, and Monica is glad to help. “John was an instrumental voice in ignoring my request for a raise, so I’ve got skin in the game too. I have a plan, and when we’re not just gonna get even. We’re gonna get some sweet revenge. All I need is some help from Rachel…”