Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon2...)

“Hey, I want in on this plan too,” you tell Monica, who is on speakerphone. “I helped get Rachel into this mess, and I plan to help her get out of it too.”

Monica considers this for a second before responding. “Alright Ross. I mean, you can certainly come along, but I can’t promise there’ll be much for you to do. You’ll just be added security in case shit hits the fan.”

You’re fine with this arrangement, and happy that you can help, even in a little way. After all, you’re the one asking your girlfriend to go through with this.

The three of you meet early the next morning at your house and Monica fills you in on the details of the plan. “Alright, so the plan is surprisingly simple. Rachel, you’ll go to work like normal, and unfortunately that’ll probably include blowing John again.”

“I’ll just tell him I don’t want you to know about this one, and then he won’t send any pictures,” Rachel tells you.

“After that,” Monica continues, “just lead him on to make it seem like he’s gonna get some at the end of the day. It’s crucial that he stays late, because I don’t want people around for the next stage of the plan. Make sense?” Rachel nods. “Alright. Near the end of the day, I want you to slip this into John’s Coke. It’s a powerful drug that I got on the dark web, and it’ll knock him out cold. Don’t ask me how I know that it works. After that I’ll hack his phone and computer to destroy the photos of Rachel, and while he’s out we can take some tapes… You know, for additional collateral.”

You’re a little shocked at the intensity of Monica’s plan, but she does seem to know what she’s talking about. Your part is just to show up around the end of the day to “pick Rachel up from work” and then be ready if things go wrong. You do have one concern though.

“Won’t this get you and Rachel fired?” you ask Monica.

“Nah, I’m too smart for that,” she replies. I’m gonna make it look like it was all John’s fault. He’ll never even see what hit him.“

You’re impressed with Monica’s plan and technological ability, but it still seems awfully risky. But you’re forced to come to the conclusion that it’s about all you can do.

You go to work to try and distract yourself, but your mind is far away. Around 10:00 Rachel shoots you a text telling you part one of the plan has succeeded, and you know this means she’s blown her boss. This pains you a little, but you’re comforted by the thought that this should be the last time it happens. You duck out of work a little bit early, and make the tension filled drive to Rachel’s job, hoping the plan is already in motion.

You arrive a little bit after 5:00, and people are already streaming out of the building. You receive another text from Rachel telling you that it’s safe to come up, and you breathe a sigh of relief. So far, so good. You slip past the people filing out of the building and hustle up the stairs, making your way to John’s office, where you gently knock on the door. Monica swings it open, and ushers you inside, closing the door behind you.

John is slumped over in his chair, drooling slightly, and Rachel is standing watching with a smile on her face. You go over and give her a hug before turning back to Monica who has taken a seat at the computer.

“How’s it coming Monica?” you ask.

“I’m almost done,” she replies. “I’ve erased all the pictures and videos John had of Rachel on his phone and computer, and done a fair amount of damage to his company files that will likely get him fired. And I edited the security cameras to loop empty footage, so it’ll look like we were never here. Oh, and John should be out for a couple of hours. The drugs worked like a charm.” By the look of John, you can’t help but agree. Everything is working to perfection.

“Finished!” Monica declares. She stands to her feet and walks over to the bag she has positioned by the wall. She slips in a few flash drives, and pulls out a camera, camera stand, and… an eight-inch strap-on?

“What the hell is that for?” you ask, full of surprise.

“Oh, I think you know,” Monica replies as she begins setting up the camera. “John pissed off one too many women, and now he’s gonna pay.” She finishes setting up the camera, and attaches the strap-on dick around her waist, not bothering to take off her pants.

“He’s not gonna get the pleasure of seeing me naked, even if it’s while watching a video of me pounding his ass.” She walks over to where John is slumped in his chair. “He, on the other, is going to be completely nude.” She removes his clothing rather unceremoniously, not being too careful, and then slides him onto the floor.

“Would you mind giving me a hand?” she asks Rachel. “I don’t want to make Ross touch him.” Your girlfriend obliges, and the two pose John on his knees with his butt in the air, in prime pegging position.

“Alright, roll the tape,” Monica tells you. You zoom in so the view as perfect, and press the record button. Monica lines up her cock with John’s asshole, and plunges it in.

Or at least, she tries to. John clearly didn’t have a gay phase in college, because he’s tight as can be. Monica thrusts in and out, and after a few minutes she finally is pounding him at a healthy pace. John seems completely unresponsive everywhere except his dick, where you notice in surprise that he has developed a full blown erection.

Similar feelings begin to arise in your own member. Monica is an extremely attractive woman, and seeing her dominate John has really turned you on. Part of you wants to get in on the action, but another part of you thinks it’s better just to wait with Rachel.