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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon2...)

You decide it’s best to leave the girls to it. After all, having you appear at her job will only arouse suspicion. Monica arrives home later that night, and they spend most of the night planning. You catch bits and pieces of it, but choose to ignore them. You just hope it works.

The next day proceeds normally enough. You have a big project due at work, and you can’t afford to think too much about anything else. By the time you get home, you’ve almost forgotten about the entire plan.

Several minutes pass, and you notice that Rachel is quite a bit later than normal. In fact, she usually gets home before you. You’re really starting to wonder how this whole thing worked out when you get a text from her.

“Plan was a success! Monica got rid of all the pictures, and we got some revenge too.” You wonder exactly what Rachel means by that, when your question is answered by an incoming video.

John is conked out on the floor, completely nude, and Monica is mercilessly pounding into him with a massive strap-on. Rachel has a similar getup, and is smacking his face with her cock. Both are fully clothed, and seem to be having a lot of fun. It’s a short clip, but it makes the point. That’s footage that John could never live down.

The collateral works, and John is too scared of the tape to try anything else. Rachel gets her old job back, and somehow “convinces” John to give her a raise. Your life returns to normal, with one exception. You have a great video to watch whenever you need a good laugh.

The End