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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Solly...)

After cleaning up both yourself and the car as well as you could with only the handful of tissues that lie in your glovebox, you set off on the road home from the shopping centre, burning jealousy and post-orgasmic satisfaction both taking over you during the trek. Soon enough, however, you pull onto the driveway, and without further ado begin to unload the clothes your girlfriend will be wearing for work for the next however-long John decides to keep her busy. You notice her car is already sitting on the driveway, maybe having just beaten you back from work.

You head on inside, stepping over a discarded pair of cum-streaked panties that lie in the doorway, and head on through to the living room. There you see your girlfriend on the couch, looking just as disheveled as she did in the phone, if not more so. She cracks a little grin as she saw you enter the room, and beckons you over with a single finger. Setting aside the shopping bags, you approach her, much to her delight. She parts her thighs a little, and a small trail of cum trickles on out of her pussy.

A tent begins to form in your pants, which Rachel seems to instantly latch onto, her fingers groping at your fly, as she gazes up to you. “So, you liked the show, Ross?”

You stutter a little, lost for words while trying not to explode in her face, either before your fun begins or in a fit of jealous rage. She works down your fly, and fishes out your cock, beginning to slowly stroke it as she had the day before, batting her eyelids up at you as she does so.

“John said I wasn’t to shower today until you get a turn too, baby, he said you’d like to see what a slut your girlfriend can be in person.” Your face turns scarlet, much to her delight, as she squeezes your cock a little more firmly, her hand gradually working up a more brisk pace as she works.

“We kept going after he hung up, Ross. All day long, he fucked me bareback. I even let him screw me in the ass, he really wanted to do that, especially after he heard how badly you had wanted it. God, I felt so full.” Rachel giggles a little again, and leans forwards a little to give you a lap over the tip, flicking up a small glob of precum that has formed there. You groan out in appreciation, and she dies the speed down a little again, to give you another gentle lick across the top.

“He also said I can give you this, it’s not inside me after all.” She begins to trail the tip of her tongue just across the head of your cock, seemingly enjoying herself.

“Tellmemore!” you blurt out, much to your girlfriend’s amusement, and your own embarrassment, but with a final kiss on the tip she starts giving you a handjob, leaning back a little to share her little story with you.

“Weeeell…” she begins, slowing her hand down to a crawl, and parting her thighs so you could see the little mess she had made, as well as the tally marks more clearly, marking at least nine, but too smudged to be clear otherwise. “I walked into the office, and he pushed me back against the door almost immediately, making me stroke him like I’m doing you now. But that’s all you’re getting, Ross.”

She giggles a little, and speeds up slightly, beginning to ease up the pace with every passing moment and a steady groan comes from your lips. “But he made me get him nice, and hard. And then he pushed me to my knees, and grabbed the back of my head, making me suck his cock right there. He didn’t cum though, just made me work him up a touch.”

Rachel swaps hands, to dance her dominant hand’s fingertips across the head, causing a shiver down your spine. “Before I knew it, he was done with my mouth for then, and tossed me across the room like a ragdoll. And he spanked my ass, and told me to ‘bend over the fucking desk, whore.’ I did as I was told, and leant over the desk, dropping my panties to my ankles, to shake my ass a little for him. He rubbed me, right down there baby, and told me he’d be taking my sweet ass for a spin.”

You groan a little more, a slight twitch coming to your member, and with a disapproving little head-shake, your girlfriend speeds up a little more. “Can’t even manage to get to the ass-fucking, Ross? I guess your stamina is just as pathetic as your cock. Not like his, he managed to fill my ass right up, god I was screaming so loud he had to stuff my mouth. I think I came twice then, before he finished, and even then I had to suck him off first.”

You can’t handle it anymore, and explode across Rachel’s face, and she makes damned sure not to catch any of it in her mouth, following her boss’s orders even this far away from his sight, just to show what kind of hold he has on her. “God, Ross, we didn’t even get to the part where he lent me out to his buddy in a private meeting, but I guess that can come later, if your little cock can recover in time.”