Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon2...)

Thinking quickly, you withdraw from Monica’s mouth. You don’t want to cum just yet, and you think you can fulfil another one of your goals for the night if you play your cards right.

“Holy shit Monica, you’ve been amazing. Do you mind if I return the favor? Rachel can testify, I’m not half bad at eating pussy.” Your girlfriend is still attempting to break John’s asshole with the strap-on, but she manages to get a few words of support out between thrusts.

“You should let him Monica,” Rachel says. “You won’t believe what he can do with his tongue.”

“Alright,” Monica says. “But we’re gonna have to switch seats.” You oblige, hopping out of John’s chair as you rip your sweat-stained shirt off. You’re now completely nude, and Monica quickly joins you. In the blink of an eye she’s sitting in front of you, her neatly trimmed pubic hair leading down to her dripping cunt.

“Well don’t just stare at it! Eat me Ross!” Monica tells you. That’s all the encouragement you need, and you dive right in. After just a few seconds she’s gasping in pleasure, and you smile to yourself. You’re not too shabby in the dick department, but your secret weapon is your extra long tongue. You know without a doubt you’re deeper inside her than any tongue has ever been. You continue licking and slurping away, and take in the taste of her juices as you do. Monica tastes different than Rachel, a little saltier perhaps. But it’s not an unpleasant change, and you’re enjoying yourself. And with the way Monica is moaning and squirming, you can tell you she is too.

Monica starts rocking into the thrusts of your tongue, and her moans grow louder. But all at once, she stops, and she turns her head toward Rachel.

“I can’t take this anymore Rachel. I need him inside me. Can I please fuck him?” she asks. Your girlfriend stops pounding John for a second, and seems to consider the question before replying.

“Why the hell not? I’m fucking my boss, so Ross might as well fuck my best friend.” She turns to you and smiles. “Go ahead honey.”

You waste no time, and lift Monica onto John’s desk. Your stamina has recovered some from your pussy eating session, and you’re ready to pound. You Rachelate teasing her with the tip, but decide you don’t have the patience to do it. You line up your cock with her entrance, and shove right in.

Monica cries out in ecstasy, and you join right in. She’s obviously not enjoying the regular “stretching” that Rachel is, and she’s incredibly tight. Your seven-inch beast barely fits in her canal, but you aren’t letting her off easy. It takes a few thrusts, but you manage to work up a semi-decent pace. You feel Monica start to tighten up even more, and she lets out an intense moan as she begins to shudder all over your dick. Your excellent pussy eating skills and merciless fucking have done the trick, and Monica cums hard.

You continue your assault on her snatch, but unfortunately for you, her supreme tightness and excellent blow job skills are taking their toll. You feel your own orgasm welling up deep in your balls, and it’s coming fast. But where are you gonna shoot your load?