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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon2...)

Seeing John take a strap-on cock from your girlfriend has awoken strange feelings within you. Monica continues to work away on your dick, but she seems a million miles away. All your focus is on your girlfriend, thrusting viciously into her boss…

“Rachel, I want you to fuck me.” Rachel stops mid thrust, halfway into John and turns to look at you.

“Well alright,” she says. “Just let me get this strap-on off, and…”

“No,” you interrupt. You can’t believe the words coming out of your own mouth. “With the strap-on. I want you to fuck me with your cock.” Rachel seems just as surprised as you are, but after a brief pause she stutters out a response.

“Well, okay I guess. I’m not gonna lie, that sounds really hot. But I don’t have any lube…”

“I got you covered!” shouts Monica. She jumps to her feet, and heads back to her bag against the wall. “I brought some for John, but I decided he didn’t need any.” She tosses a tube toward Rachel. “Here you are. Genuine tube o’ lube.”

“Thanks,” Rachel replies. She turns back toward you. “Are you sure you wanna go through with this? We’ve never tried ass play before.”

“I’m sure,” you reply. “It’s all I could think about when you pegged John, and it’s all I want. I want to feel you inside me, Rachel.”

“Oh God that’s hot,” Rachel replies. She strips off her clothing in a flash, readjusting the strap-on around her now-nude waist. “Now get on your knees bitch.” You obey Rachel, getting on your hands and knees on the carpet while your boner swells to the hardest you’ve been all night. Rachel positions herself behind you, but she doesn’t line up the cock quite yet.

“Now let’s make sure you’re nice and ready for this,” she tells you. She kneels down by your asshole, and begins to probe around your entrance with her tongue. As her tongue begins to penetrate you it’s a foreign feeling, but as you adjust you begin to really enjoy it. You know full well that if Rachel added a handjob to her rim job, you’d be jizzing in a matter of seconds. But fortunately for you she doesn’t, and you live to cum another day.

After a minute or two Rachel withdraws her tongue from your ass. She lubes up her pointer finger, and begins to gently slide in and out of you. Her tongue has already loosened you up, so the finger is no problem. It’s only once she adds a second finger that you have your first doubts. It fits alright and still feels good, but you have no idea how you’re gonna take the six-inch cock. You already feel so full.

Rachel seems to sense these thoughts, but she encourages you. “Just stay relaxed, Ross. I know your ass is up to this.” You consider asking her what makes her an authority on anal, but decide against it. Best not to question the woman that’s about to fuck your ass raw.

Rachel lines up the strap on with your virgin ass, and checks with you one final time. “Are you ready, hot stuff?” she asks. You manage a nod, and try your best to relax as Rachel starts to slowly push into you.

She gets about two-inches in before things stall. You let a loud groan, a mixture of pleasure in pain. The feeling of the cock in your ass is incredible, but you feel stretched to the max. You can’t imagine how any more could possibly fit.

“You’ve got to relax, Ross! If you can’t this is really going to hurt,” Rachel tells you. You take a few deep breaths and do your best. To your surprise and delight, you feel the dildo sink a little further in. Rachel pushes a little bit in response, smearing even more lube as she does. You relax even further, and with one final shove your girlfriend is completely inside you.

“Alright!” she exclaims. “Now we can have some real fun.” She begins to slowly pump in and out, and the pleasure is unbelievable. You’ve never felt anything like it in your entire life, and the feelings radiate throughout your body. You close your eyes and let out a loud moan, and when you open them again, Monica is sitting naked in front of you. You’d almost forgotten she was there at all.

“I got tired of watching,” she says. “Your ass may be busy, but your mouth is free. Now eat my pussy!” She sticks her delicately trimmed snatch right in front of you, and she doesn’t have to ask twice. You dive in, eating her out with ferocity. Monica’s moans soon join your own, and your senses are almost overwhelmed by the assault upon your body. Rachel has increased to a furious pace in your ass, and you feel your an incredibly powerful feeling arising within you. You moan loudly into Monica’s vagina, and then cum hard.

Your orgasm is more intense than everything you’ve ever felt, and you spurt out rope after rope of hot jizz. Rachel continues thrusting throughout your orgasm, milking every last drop out of your aching balls. At the end she pulls out of your ass with a satisfying pop, and you roll onto your back, thoroughly spent.

“Holy shit Rachel, that was amazing,” you gasp.

“Hell yeah it was,” Rachel replies. She scoops some of your cum off the generous donation to the carpet, and gobbles it up with a smile. “We need to do this again.”

“And maybe next time I’ll get in a little sooner,” gasps Monica. Her fingers are buried in her snatch, and she’s trying to finish the job that you started.

“Here, let me help you with that,” Rachel volunteers. She walks over to her best friend, and positions her into prime position for doggy-style. She slips the strap-on into her waiting pussy, and within seconds is pounding away. Monica screams in ecstasy, and Rachel looks like she’s been using a cock her whole life. It doesn’t take long before Monica is shaking crazily, having reached her own orgasm. Both girls collapse spent, but you feel your dick give a little twitch. This could be the beginning of something much greater than you imagined…

The End