Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by ArtoriasTheAbysswalker...)

The next morning you are surprised when you receive a text from your girlfriend. You check the time and it is only 8:30! She has only been gone 30 minutes!

Rachel: We have an issue.

You: What’s up?

Rachel: It’s Tim and Dan… they found everything.

You: Shit! What are they saying?

Rachel: They said they’ll ignore it if I… ya know.

You: Handjobs, blowjobs, sex, etc?

Rachel: Yeah.

You think to yourself for a moment. On one hand, you could easily have her walk away from this situation. However…

You: Do it.

Rachel: What?! Really???

You: Yeah. You clearly loved it, and I owe you for that time back in Uni.

Rachel: Oh yeah. Lemme see something.

You are surprised to find you are receiving a video call from an unknown number. You shrug and accept, only slightly surprised to see a, honestly not bad looking pair, of IT guys looking back.

“Howdy, you must be Tim and Dan,” you say, deciding to take the initiative. The taller one nods.

“Yeah, I’m Tim. That’s Dan,” he says, pointing to the shorter one. Dan waves, obviously feeling awkward. Can you blame him?

“Hey man, we’re sorry. We honestly didn’t know Rachel had a boyfriend. If you’re not cool with this, just give us the heads up, and the pics are gone,” Dan says, clearly afraid of causing a problem. You have your hand.

“Don’t worry. Rachel has been having me roleplay you two fucking her for the past two nights. But leave the vid call open. I wanna watch what’s happening. And if I see something I don’t like or I think is wrong, it’s done. Get it?” you ask, looking serious.

“Got it.” The two IT guys respond, confident that they can behave.

“Good!” your girlfriend’s voice comes from behind the two men. The turn and step aside, allowing you a nice view of her lingerie-clad body. Her large breasts barely fitting into her tight bra, and her wide hips straining her panties is a unforgettable sight for you, and for these two clearly underfucked IT workers, it is akin to heaven.