Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon2...)

You meet up with Rachel later that evening, and you can’t help but lunge at her the minute she walks in the door. After some intense groping and making out, you tell her how you feel about the pic.

“Today was incredible,” you say. “I jerked off once at work just looking at the pic John sent me, and another time before you got home. You’re so hot, and the thought of you blowing John really turns me on.”

“I’m so glad you like it, Ross!” Rachel exclaims. “I was a little nervous giving John your phone number, but it really worked out. But before we do anything else, I have to ask you; how far do you want me to go?”

You ponder the question for a minute before answering with confidence. “As far as you want to sweetie. John can do whatever he wants to you as long as you stay my girlfriend.”

“Oh Ross, this amazing!” Rachel says. She hugs you tightly and kisses you on the lips. “And trust me, I won’t disappoint.” You resume your make out session from earlier, and before the night is over you give Rachel one of the hardest fuckings of her life.

You awake well rested next morning, and are shocked by what you see. Rachel is already up and dressed, and she’s really pulled out all the stops. Her tight dress has a slit cut all the way up her leg, and at the right angle it’s obvious she’s wearing nothing underneath but a lacy thong. She’s foregone the need for her bra, and you swear you see a hint of her nipples peeking through the fabric of her dress. Her three inch heels complete the deal, and it’s all you can do not to tear her clothes off right then and there.

“Do you think John will like it?” she asks with a wink. You breathlessly nod in response, and as Rachel heads off to work you have to fight the urge to masturbate so you’re not late to your own job.

Once at work, you’re too distracted to accomplish much. All you can think about is what your girlfriend might be doing to her boss. It feels like an eternity, but at 10:00 your phone buzzes. This time it’s a text from Rachel, not her boss. You sneak into a storage closet, and quickly open up your phone.

This time it’s a video, and as Rachel promised it does not disappoint. She’s laid out on her back on John’s desk, completely nude. Her panties are stuffed in a ball in her mouth, and you are treated to John’s view as he pounds her with a ferocity. He films with one hand, while using the other to roughly grope her breasts. The video only lasts about thirty seconds, but at the end you’re as hard as you’ve ever been. It’s everything you imagined and more, and you literally can’t contain your excitement. You tell your boss you’re feeling sick and dash out of the office, struggling to hide a boner as you do. You immediately jerk off when you get home, and spray cum within just a few seconds. Little do you realize the day is just beginning…

You get three more videos that day, each hotter than the last. Rachel bounces on her boss’s dick, takes it from him doggy-style, and gets him off with every viable part of her body. John jizzes in her mouth, all over her ass, and the last time he cums straight in her pussy. You’re thankful that she’s still on the pill, but as you jerk off for the fifth time even the thought of a cuckold pregnancy seems appealing.

Rachel makes it home later that day, and you attack her ferocity. She smells like John, you feel her looseness from a day of pounding, and her pussy tastes like his cum. You only last long enough because you’ve been jerking it all day, but you still manage to give Rachel a solid fucking. Afterwards, you collapse on the bed exhausted.

“I can’t believe this is happening, Rachel. Just a few days ago our lives were normal, and now you’re screwing your boss. And I actually like it.”

“I know! It’s amazing. Thank you so much for this, Ross. This is hotter than anything I’ve ever done.” You cuddle close that night, and you don’t mind the extra heat. You sleep as soundly as you ever have.

The next few weeks are a crazy blur. Rachel and John get freaky, and you reap the benefit. Not only do you get to see the videos, which increase in quality after John starts setting up a real camera, but it leads to some advances in your own sex life. John convinces Rachel to try anal, and before long you’re filling up her ass with cum. He enjoys spanking her, and soon you’re doing light bondage. The list goes on, and within a few weeks your girlfriend is fucking like an absolute slut. Things are going great, but one day Rachel approaches you with a proposition.

“John told me today that he wants me to ‘personally assist’ a few of his work colleagues. He said it’d start with one-on-one consulting, but that’d he’d like to see large scale work in the future. I don’t know if you can see through the innuendos, but…”

“John wants you to fuck his buddies, and eventually do a gangbang,” you finish. The words sound shocking, even after everything you’ve seen and heard. Thoughts are swirling in your head, and you’ve got separate feelings coming from your other head as well. But which are you going to listen to?