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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon2...)

You address your concerns with Rachel, and she seems to understand, although she has some reservations.

“Half that stuff was John’s ideas for getting off since I won’t let him screw me. You think I like getting spanked or giving him footjobs? All I get out of it is bruises and foot cramps. Some of what we do makes me horny, but it’s hard for me to get off when the only thing going in my vagina is my own fingers.”

You consider this for a minute, and regret not taking Rachel into better consideration. This is really hot for you, and obviously for John, but your girlfriend is really getting the short end of the stick. And no, that’s not a joke about John’s tiny dick.

“I’m so sorry,” you tell Rachel. “I really should have thought more about your needs instead of thinking with my penis.” You pause for a minute before continuing. “I’ll tell you what. Let John finger you and eat your pussy. Hell, he can even use a dildo on you if he wants. As long as his penis stays outside of you, I’ll be fine.”

“Are you sure honey?” Rachel asks.

“I’m certain. Rachel, this is amazing for me, but I want it to be just as great for you.”

“Oh thank you Ross! You’re amazing.” She gives you a tight hug and a deep kiss on the lips. “You may have even earned yourself some of the stuff John has been getting,” she says suggestively. She delivers that night, giving you your first footjob. As you cum all over her feet, you think that maybe this arrangement isn’t so bad after all.

The next few days feature several clips of pussy eating and some intense eating, but as the weeks go by you notice less and less of this and more of what you’d seen out of John in the previous weeks. You aren’t the only one that notices, and Rachel voices her concern to you.

“We’ve been screwing around for two months now and not once have I felt like he cared if I liked it. He won’t even finger me when he’s allowed to. All he’s interesting in is getting his little dick off.” She sits down in a huff, and seems to resolve herself. “I’ve had enough of this. It was fun for a while, but now it’s just tiring. But how do I get out of it?”