Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Lezzie22...)

Entering a shop whose models you used to adore for an entirely different reason than their figure, you step warily into Victoria’s Secret. Your new tits unbalance you on six-inch heels and the tops of your thigh-highs show under the shortness of your skirt. Your jumper crop-top bares most of your stomach, and all the while your cock is solid, trapped under your tight lace panties.

You browse the shelves and racks of lingerie, picking out what you think Rachel might like for you to wear. You stop at a pink polka-dot babydoll and panty set, and throw it into your basket, before strutting down towards the prearranged dressing room.

Sitting seductively, Rachel wears only black lace bra and panties.

“Well who is excited to see me?” she asks, squeezing your cock. “Now strip!” she adds wickedly.

Slowly, seductively for your mistress you strip down to your garters, thigh-highs and heels, your cock standing to full attention.

“Now put this on,” she commands, handing you the babydoll.

You slip on the lingerie and look down at what you thought were panties. Sliding them on, you realize that it is a thong, that slides up between your nice plump ass cheeks.

“Here,” Rachel says, handing you a ballgag. You slide it between your lips, before putting on the handcuffs she is holding for you. Arms behind your back, she hangs your wrists on the clothes hook. She releases your cock from the thong, only to trap it erect between the waistband and stomach.

“And now you are going to cum like a girl,” she whispers, pulling out a vibrator. She runs it up and down your cock, eliciting moans from you, and a rocking motion of your hips into the vibrator.

After five minutes you spray your load up your stomach, and look up at Rachel to help you out your mess. Instead she laughs.

“Bye hun, back after lunch,” she laughs, kissing you on the gag and closing the door behind her.