Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Strawhat...)

“What happened with his buddy?” you ask.

“Ugh. I already told you Ross. I can’t tell you since you came already,” Rachel says, frustrated as she sits back onto the couch. “John says I can only tell you while I’m jerking you off.”

You really want to hear about this buddy of his and how he got to get a crack at your girlfriend. “Just tell me. What’s it going to take?” you bargain.

“Well… John knew you were going to want to hear this story so he said I can tell you if you helped clean up my pussy. It’s been used up quite a lot today and there’s still cum in there so he wants to make sure it’s clean for later,” she explains as she spreads her legs again. A bit more cum drips down.

As if watching your girlfriend get fucked by her boss isn’t enough, they want you to lick her pussy clean of his juices.

“I… I can’t,” you stutter. How far will you go?

Rachel rolls her eyes. “I guess we’ll just wait for your pathetic little guy to recover. Probably won’t be ‘til tomorrow though, knowing you.”

“Fine. I’ll do it. But you better tell me,” you say as you get on your knees and put your face inches away from her clit.

You start to lick the stream that was dripping down from her hole. Then you move up to her entrance and begin to get everything out.

There is surprisingly a lot of it in there. “Dammit Ross. You’re not getting in there enough. Do you know how deep they came inside of me?” your girlfriend says as she pushes you on your back and sits on top of your face. You feel a flood of liquid going into your mouth and there is a lot more coming.

How much did they cum inside her? More importantly, how many of them came inside her, and who were they? You can’t believe what’s gotten into her, and to you. Why are you doing this? Do you enjoy being under John’s mercy?

The flood stops and she slightly lifts her ass. “I did it. Now will you tell me?” you ask.