Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Strawhat...)

“Who says you’re done? You still have one more hole, hun,” she says.

You look up and you see something you haven’t noticed until now. In Rachel’s other hole, her tight little asshole, there is a buttplug.

“You can’t be serious,” you say. You are about to protest, saying that you’ve already gone as ware as you’re willing to go, before Rachel pulls out the plug and slams her ass on your face again.

An even bigger flood hits you as you grab her ass for support. She puts her hands down to your sides. “Just because I’m sitting on you doesn’t mean you can grab my ass. John says it’s only for him to touch and spank unless said otherwise.”

Rachel sighs. “I guess I’ll tell you while you’re doing that. First of all, it wasn’t his buddy. It was his buddies. Specifically, four of them. Well technically, there were supposed to be only two of them, but one of them brought their old dad and the other one brought a muffin just for fun. But the more the merrier,” she says, giggling.

The flood slows down to a mere stream now as she continues her story.

“So all four of them came over in thirty minutes, just enough time for John to cum inside my ass again. When they saw us, I was sucking out John’s last drops and we got started right away. ”

Rachel moans. You look up to see that she’s playing with herself, one hand on her boobs and the other rubbing her now-clean pussy.

You slide your tongue into her gaping ass, getting the last few drops.

“They got me on my knees and I started to blow them one at a time. This is when John started recording.”

She gets up and grabs the remote and turns on the TV. Immediately, it starts to show exactly as she described; four men completely naked surrounding your also bare girlfriend sucking vigorously on each of them.

One of the guys you assume to be one of John’s buddies is face-fucking her while she is jerking off the other three. He slams his cock into her throat and releases a giant load. She swallows every drop. Seconds afterwards, the other guys release giant loads onto her face. She takes her finger to scoop up and swallow every single drop.

Before she can say anything, one of guys, probably the other buddy, shoves her onto all fours and sticks his shaft up her asshole. The others stand there waiting their turn. After about ten minutes of intense anal fucking, he shoots his load inside. He pulls out and a small stream spills out but another guy, the muffin man you assume, takes his turn. They all repeat this process until all of them have a turn, including John. After John finishes, they seal all the cum inside her with the anal plug you saw earlier.

Then they repeat that process with her cunt. Rachel watches her face on the screen as she orgasms multiple times over. You’ve never seen her like that before. Especially not with you.

Once they are done, they all leave except John. He puts down the camera behind a plant where it is hard to see but still captures everything.

“I’m going to take a shower now. You know the plan when your boyfriend gets home,” he says as he walks to a different room.

You just now realize that all of that took place in your house, more specifically, your living room. That would mean that John’s still here!

As if on cue, John gets out of the shower. You see him, with only a towel around his neck. You don’t know what to say or do next.