Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon2...)

The two of you ponder the conundrum for a few minutes before Rachel comes up with a solution.

“Well, we could just tell his wife,” Rachel says. She doesn’t seem thrilled about this solution, but you haven’t thought of anything else.

“I didn’t even know he was married,” you say.

“Of course he is,” Rachel replies. “He’s fairly good looking with an easy six figure job. He could have no personality and still find some hoe willing to marry him.” You realize that this makes a lot of sense, and wonder why you hadn’t considered his wife before. Either way, you need a plan.

“So how would we tell her? Obviously you can’t do it. John would find out in an instant.” You think for a minute, and then suddenly have an idea. “Boss doesn’t know what I look like, does he?” you ask.

“I suppose not,” Rachel replies. “You’ve never met and I don’t hang pictures of us. It’s too tacky.”

“Then I could tell his wife!” you exclaim. “I could pretend to be a tech guy for your company, and say I found some photos on the server. Then I show her some photos of the two of you, and make it look like I was just trying to help. Problem solved!” To your surprise, Rachel is very excited about the plan. Executing it however, is a different matter.

The next morning, Rachel fills you in on the details . “John will be at work this morning, and if I remember correctly his wife stays at home with the kids. Fortunately, all the kids are at school, so you should be able to deliver the pics. Her name is Ruth. John gave me his address in case we ever hooked up at his place, so it’ll be easy to find the house. Just give her the pics, say you’re sorry, and get the hell out. Understood?” You nod in agreement, and give Rachel a tight hug. With any luck, this will end today.

You drive over to the house around 10:30, and nervously ring the doorbell. You take a few deep breaths and mentally rehearse your lines, but all too soon the door swings open.

“Are you Ruth?” you ask.

“I am,” she replies. You almost continue fluidly with the script, but you’re taken aback by the woman standing in front of you. Ruth is a total MILF. Her body only betrays slight signs of her multiple children, her face has aged incredibly well, and her blouse reveals far more of her ample breasts than she is probably aware of.

“Hi, um… I’m a tech guy at your husband’s company, and I have some pictures I think you need to see.” Ruth nods with a slight grimace, as if she knows what to expect.

“Why don’t you come inside?” she asks you. “I have a feeling this isn’t a front door conversation.” This isn’t the plan, but what else can you do? You follow her inside, noting her incredible ass that stretches out her tight jeans.

Ruth sits down on the couch, motioning for you to sit beside her, and you hand her the pictures as you sit. She flips through the pictures of Rachel getting off her husband, and shakes her head in disgust.

“I’m so sorry,” you tell her. You find your hand has subconsciously found its way to her shoulder.

“It’s not your fault,” Ruth begins, not knowing that some of it is. “I should’ve known John was cheating. He hasn’t even looked at me in weeks. It feels like years since we’ve truly slept together.” She pauses, and then turns to face you. “But you know, I can think of one way to get back at him…” she says, with a suggestive smile. You swallow hard as blood rushes to your cock.