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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon2...)

“What about your gay friend Robby?” you ask.

“What about him?” Rachel replies. “I don’t see what he has to do with this.”

“What if you tricked John into thinking he was you and had Robby suck his cock? All you’d have to do was blindfold and cuff him and you could get some excellent pictures to use as blackmail.”

Rachel thinks it over for a minute, and nods in agreement. “That might work. But Robby would want something in return. Just ‘cause he’s gay doesn’t mean he’s a slut for every cock he sees.”

“I thought about that, and… I think I could blow him in return,” you say, somewhat hesitant. Your girlfriend seems shocked, and you anticipate her reply.

“Holy shit Ross. Are you…?”

“No, I’m not gay,” you reply. “And I don’t really want to blow Robby. But after everything you’ve done, I think it’s time I took one for the team.

“Well, it’s worth a shot,” Rachel says. “I’ll text Robby and see if he’s interested.” She does so, and a few minutes later gives you the run down. “Robby says he’s in, but you’re gonna have to do it right. He wants you naked, and he’s going to cum on your face.”

“Whatever it takes,” you reply. “As long as John gets screwed I’m in.” You feel relief that Rachel worked things out with Robby, but there’s still a lot that can go wrong. Rachel and Robby have to get the pictures you need, and then you have to come through on your part. You have a fitful night of sleep, but feel cautiously optimistic in the morning. John has been open to some light bondage before, and this is nothing out of the ordinary. He’ll have no idea who’s really sucking his dick.

Rachel texts you about 2:15, and your optimism has paid off. John fell for the trap, and didn’t know it was Robby until about two minutes of excellent footage in. He was enraged, but bound to a chair with his pants down. Rachel and Robby quickly slipped out with the footage in hand. Rachel guessed that he’d be found by the cleaning people in about 4 hours if he didn’t raise a ruckus by then, but she wasn’t too concerned. She’d get her old position back, and her days as John’s personal assistant were over. Her final few texts are the only ones that concern you: “Now it’s your turn. Robby and I are hanging out, waiting for you to get back home. And oh, I think I’m gonna watch! ;)!”

Your stomach is in knots the rest of the day, and eventually you decide to just head home. You don’t know exactly how you’re feeling about this, but you do know you want to get it over with as soon as possible. You drive home, and after gathering yourself for a minute, step into the house.

Robby and Rachel are sitting on the couch, watching some TV and laughing together. They hear you enter, and Rachel leaps up to hug you.

“Oh Ross I’m so glad it worked! Why are you home so early?” she asks.

“I just couldn’t wait any longer,” you tell her, looking at Robby. “I hate to be so forward,” you tell him, “but how do you want to do this?”

“Well, I figured we’d go to the bedroom, get naked, and take it from there. The rest is us up to you,” Robby says. You’re okay with this arrangement, and you head the bedroom, a somewhat strange trio. Robby immediately starts stripping, and you can help but be a little impressed. He’s not overly muscular, but Robby has kept himself in good shape. He’s thin, with short cut brown hair and an easy smile. You follow his lead, and undress yourself. You feel a little awkward standing naked in front of another man, but Robby’s easy demeanor helps. Maybe this won’t be so bad after all.

Rachel positions herself on the bed to watch, and you drop to your knees in front of Robby, who remains standing. His cock is already hardening slightly, and you realize with a start that it’s pretty long. You’re not too shabby in the dick department yourself, and Robby is giving you a run for your money. You hesitate slightly, but force yourself to reach out and grab his shaft. It hardens some in your hand, and you give it a few tentative pumps, eliciting a similiar reaction. He’s hardening quickly, and your length predictions are on point. He’s about seven inches.

Gathering your courage again, you stick out your tongue, and give it a few licks. It tastes similar to any other skin, slightly salty and not unpleasant. Throwing at least some caution to the wind, you take a few inches into your mouth, swirling your tongue around the head as you do. Robby gives a small moan of approval, and you go to work. Being a man affords you certain advantages, and you know how to give a good blow job almost intuitively. You avoid the teeth, use plenty of tongue, and keep firm pressure with the lips as you bob slightly up and down. You find yourself ever slightly aroused, partly because you see Rachel masturbating furiously on the bed. One hand is stuffed in her panties while the other plays with her breasts, and she’s clearly getting into it.

You decide to give both of them a good show, and you start to take in more of his shaft. He starts slowly thrusting in response, and before long you have a decent face-fucking rhythm going. Robby isn’t content to settle here though, and he picks up the pace. Soon, you’re struggling to breathe and gagging slightly as you ingest almost the whole cock. Rachel is moaning loudly on the bed, and you feel your own dick harden considerably. Just when you think you’re eyes are about to pop out, Robby pulls out, spraying jets of cum with a loud moan. Warm spunk covers your face, and a few spurts wind up in your mouth, filling it with a strong, salty taste. You’re a little confused at the myriad of feeling you’re filled with, but Robby breaks the silence of your thoughts.

“That was incredible man. Do you want me to return the favor? It’s entirely up to you, but you look pretty turned on.”