Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Aeron...)

“Your step-sister Amy lives next door. Let’s surprise her!” suggests Rachel.

You smile at the thought of having sex with your sister and your girlfriend. “That sounds great.”

“Let’s go now!” Rachel says.

“Now?” you ask incredulously.

Rachel giggles.“ Yeah! We don’t even need to get dressed! We’ll go around back completely naked!”

This prospect seems exciting to you, but you still see some problems. “What if she says no?”

Rachel shrugs. “Then we’ll convince her.”

You nod, and the two of you go downstairs and out the back door, your dick still hard and waving slightly in the breeze. You’re completely naked, and so is Rachel. The two of you quickly run across your backyard and hop over the fence separating you property from Amy’s. You both go through her back door, which is unlocked, and into her living room.

Amy’s wearing skinny jeans and a tight-fitting shirt that shows off her small, perky tits. She looks up at you and Rachel.

“Ross? What the fuck are you doing?”